Overnight Werewolf Hunting Experience In Birmingham: Ready Your Weapons

overnight werewolf hunting experience

  Want to relive your most chilling nightmares?  Want to run out with seven or more of your friends in werewolf-resistant gear with some (what appear to be) airsoft guns in the pitch black of some random forest?  Yes?  Well, this might sound scary enough as it is, but at some point during your overnight… 

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Zombie Shopping Mall Experience Arms You With Airsoft Guns

zombie mall experience

The Zombie Mall Experience is really the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.  And by crazy, I mean I just might be lunatic enough to do it.  And, since I don’t listen to my mom and I hang out with like-minded individuals, other forty year old men who live with their moms, I bet I could find 14 other friends… 

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10 Tips To Keep Your Brain Uneaten In A Zombie Apocalypse [Geeky Humor]

geeky zombie survival tips

The zombie apocalypse is going to be upon us, whether you received the email notification or not.  Look – only a select few of us were placed on the list of people who got emails, and that’s only because they tricked us into thinking that they were transferring their accounts overseas.  (Turns out not all… 

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Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny Great For Increasing Waist Size

chocolate zombie easter bunny

  The Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny brings a bit more excitement to yet another holiday that advocates breaking and entering.  All of which are cool, except the French one that involves people putting things in your shoes.  Everyone who has ever watched Toy Story knows that the giant gifts are the ones with most potential,… 

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Emergency Inflatable Brain

emergency inflatable brain

  The Emergency Inflatable Brain is really quite a handy geeky product.  While it may not give you that extra limb when you’re rock climbing or being attacked by the elf hordes, this brain will give you the wit you need to come out on top in a difficult situation. Two brains is better than… 

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Biohazard And Zombie Crime Scene Tape

biohazard and zombie crime scene tape

  The Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape is geeky and great for keeping annoying people out of your house.  For example, if you didn’t want those nosy Flanders’ bringing you their mystery meat casserole, you could completely cover your main entryway in Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape, and then they wouldn’t be able… 

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Zombie Head Pencil Holder

zombie head pencil holder

The Zombie Head Pencil Holder is a … well … unique way of storing your pencils.  *coughing*  Who am I kidding THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER I hope my boss doesn’t care.  If he does, I suppose that it will have to go… I’ll just tell him that I quit very nicely.  What?  You thought… 

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