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Geeks Are Welcome

If you are a writer who loves putting together geeky lists, write for us!  Contributors are allowed one back-link in a short bio at the end of each post.


  • Blogging experience
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Adequate grammatical ability
  • Know how to insert links, images, and format text in WordPress
  • Internet savvy
  • Likes to write geeky lists


How To Apply:

Step 1:  Subscribe to Cool Gizmo Toys by using the form below so that I know you’re actually interested in the kinds of things we write about!



And You’ll Get…

  • Free Geeky Lists
  • Copy of “20 Geeky Lists You Can’t Do Without!”
  • Weekly Blog Updates!

Step 2:  Contact us using the form below and include links to two of your (relevant) articles.  For example, I don’t want to read about books or something boring.  Make sure the linked articles are techie, geeky, nerdy, you get the idea.  Also, tell us why you are more awesome than the other people who want to write for Cool Gizmo Toys.  Shouldn’t be that hard if you’re actually awesome. :)

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