9 Awesome Cinemagraphs – They’re Not Videos


Cinemagraphs have made a huge splash on the tech world with their revolutionary style.  (Actually, maybe people got the idea from the Harry Potter movies.)  These moving pictures are similar to GIF’s, but are way more awesome.  They incorporate a small amount of motion into a normal picture through the use of many different frames…. 

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Are You More Pumped About Google+ Hangouts or Facebook’s Video Chat?


Today I wanted to take some time to start a heated conversation that would surely become violent if it were not virtual.  Are you more excited about Google+ and its hangout feature, the (supposed) Facebook killer, or Facebook’s new Video Chat feature, the supposed Skype/Gtalk/Jabber killer?  Are you pessimistic about both?  Why?  Leave a comment… 

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I Am Giving Out Google+ Invites!


Just recently, Google+ invites were reopened.  Since I got in on the “inner circle,” a while ago actually, I have decided to help out my readers a little bit.  Just leave your e-mail in the comment section and I will invite you to Google+.  I’ll try to invite everyone, but I may run into some… 

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Steve Jobs Gives Keynote On Taiwanese Tea – Wait, What?

steve jobs tea impersonator

This just in – Steve Jobs endorses this brand of Taiwanese tea that I can’t spell!  Just kidding – some random guy who looks and sounds exactly like Steve Jobs has decided to promote some brand of Taiwanese tea.  This commercial stars a man that wears the instantly recognizable black turtleneck and paces across the… 

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20 Awesome Google+ Articles from The Internet Tech Community

google+ article resource

Google+ is a big deal in the tech community.  (Loyal readers, I take back what I said about never posting on Google+ – it needed to be done.)  There’s so much you want to learn about it – what it is, how it’s different from other social networking services, when you’ll be able to join,… 

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How To Make A Wiki Website Using Wikia In Under Ten Minutes

how to make a wiki website

Making a Wiki website is easier than many people think.  In just a few simple steps, you too can learn how to make a Wiki website!  This post uses Wikia, my favorite Wiki-making website.  (Wikispaces is not as cool.  Sorry.)  I have included screenshots to better teach you how to make a wiki website, and… 

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Is it Possible to Watch Free Satellite TV on Your PC?

screenshot of satellite internet TV

I have been hearing about the possibility of you being able to watch your favorite TV channels on your computer as long as you have a very fast broadband internet connection, but I have never given it a try until recently. Some people still don’t believe it is possible to watch all those TV channels they pay… 

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AdvertiseSpace Website Review – Monetization FTW

advertisespace website

AdvertiseSpace is a site that could help you monetize your blog or help you advertise your product.  This website provides a medium for both buying and selling online advertisements by allowing publishers to specify per month costs for each one of their ads.  I’m going to discuss the positives and negatives of AdvertiseSpace and try… 

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