RIOT: Will You Be The Rioters Or The Enforcers? [Indiegogo]

riot game

RIOT is a game that was created for Android and iOS devices as well as PC and Mac.  This game is meant to draw attention to all of the unrest that is present in today’s world, especially in developing countries where freedoms aren’t a given, as they are in many of the places that we… 

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Inside3 Marble Labyrinth: Face The Darkness [Ulule]

inside 3 puzzle cube ulule

If you’re someone who enjoys puzzles and innovative ideas, you’ve come to the right webpage. The Inside3 team has created a box that holds all of your fears and puts your mind to the test – can you successfully navigate through total darkness and use the provided labyrinth layouts to make your way through the… 

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Pokemon Infographic: Creepier Than Ever In Real Life [Pic]


Don’t pull out your pokeballs yet, my fellow geeks, since many of these pokemon may be repulsive.  While the animals may be repugnant, the Pokemon infographic is awesome in that some poor soul took hours of time to search the anals of the ecosystem and find these creatures to use for the real life pokemon… 

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6 Relationship Lessons We Can Learn From Samus Aran And The Metroid Series


Metroid is a great series of games, and is arguably one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises!  We’ve had countless hours of fun playing as a beautiful woman, shooting creepy zombies with our giant blasters and running around like maniacs.  The thing that very few people realize, however, is the hidden value of Samus Aran and Metroid…. 

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