The Original Football Man Candle

the original football man candle

  The Original Football Man Candle from Perpetual Kid is for when the bros are coming over – and not the ones that you met at the WE THINK SAMUS IS SEXY convention.  (Man, that’s an awesome convention, isn’t it?  They basically invented Zero Suit Samus at one of those.) Some guys from work want to… 

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Cupcake Toothpaste Sounds Delicious And Fights Plaque

cupcake toothpaste

So, you love cupcakes, but you can’t have them all the time since they’re the epitome of unhealthiness.  Not to worry, my friends, Cupcake Toothpaste has landed!  With this amazing flavored toothpaste, you can brush your teeth and taste your favorite treat at the same time!  Not only will you be fighting plaque and cavities,… 

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Thankfully TabCo Grid 10 Tablet is Not JooJoo 2


  TabCo has teased the audience long enough. With their months of speculations about their new tablet, it has garnered much publicity. TabCo is lapping up all the attention it’s getting, saying on their site that this will be the best tablet since iPad. They’re saying that it may not be an iPad killer, but… 

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Pacman Ghost USB Lamp: Chuck Norris Turns On The Dark

pacman ghost usb lamp

The Pacman Ghost USB Lamp not only glows a vibrant color, it also has built-in Chuck Norris sensors that can sense when he turns on the dark.  (Close enough, right?)  Once the room is dark, the Pacman Ghost USB Lamp lights up to guide you to the nearest exit.  Which, if you live in the… 

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Camera Lens Chess Set and Zombie Bears

Nikon Lens Chess Set

LensRentals has built an entire chess set out of different sized, popular DSLR lenses from Nikon and Canon.     They’re renting this camera lens chess set to people in weekly intervals for the affordable price of $9,221.     Nowadays, that’s how much money I have to pay to fill up my car with… 

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Japanese Ice Spray Is Better Than Cold Water

japanese ice spray

Japanese ice spray has been around for a while, but just recently has it been discovered by the geeks of America.  One of the most popular brands, Hokokkyu Monogatari, is a blue foam that can be molded into any shape and is super cold.  The only issue I have with these products is the fact… 

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Mario Mushroom USB Lamp Is Squishy, Bright, And Lacks The Ability To Make You Giant Or Immortal

mario mushroom lamp

Will It Really Make Me Huge And Give Me An Extra Life?  No.  The answer to that question is indefinitely no.  What it can do, though, is light up your desk area.  The Mario Mushroom USB Lamp is almost squishy – the device sinks into its base when pressure is applied, giving the squishy effect.   Mario… 

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Top 7 Desk Toys For Your Office

zig zag drops liquid motion desk toy

Are Those Desk Toys? Mr. President!  What On Earth?! Everyone gets bored sitting at a desk all day.  Students, workers, the president, and many others tire of their desks very quickly.  That is why I have compiled this list of awesome Desk Toys to keep you entertained ALL DAY!  Your coworkers and peers will be so envious… 

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