79Ci Shredder By #FellowesInc Makes Shredding Papers A High Tech Affair

79Ci Shredder Fellowes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine. The disclosure tag above, my readers, just let’s you know that I am receiving compensation for this post: keep in mind that I will never try to con you into buying something that I do not think is… 

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Fire and Fire and Water: Firestorm Fire Breathing Lego Dragon

Lego Firestorm Fire Breathing Dragon

Amaka 1 Lego has built a Lego dragon that surpasses all others despite being immobile. How? He made it breathe fire. Speaking of immobile dragons, I wouldn’t touch a dragon confined to a wheelchair with a 29 and a half foot pole. Also, Jim Carrey with green hair pasted all over his body. Firestorm the… 

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Guys, I’m having serious problems with the site – comments are not working and stuff is going wacky.  You’re going to see some weird things happening in the next hour or two… I’m working on it.   Jack Kieffer – founder

There is no black 02 Cocoon

Sorry for posting on that. 02 Cocoon cell phone doesn't come in black.  That phone in the previous post is a Samsung.  My apologies.  02 Cocoon's company should sue them for copyright infringement because those phones look exactly the same and have similar specs.

Poll Goodness

Hey… Just to make it easier to judge my design, here's a poll.  Take it! Is This Skateboard Design Cool or Drool? Cool Drool It's Alright    pollcode.com free polls

Cool or Drool?

Hey… Sorry I haven't blogged in forever… I'm thinking about starting a new skateboard brand and posting  some of it and selling some of it on here.  Would this design/logo be considered cool or drool?  Leave comments no matter how horrendous or extolling.  BTW… Brandname is Blur. Design has both with ramp and without… Have specific… 

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