Samsung Galaxy S3: Will It Really Become The Next Best Smartphone?

is the samsung galaxy s3 the next best phone?

2012 in smartphones has been dominated by one device, the Samsung Galaxy S3. In the months leading up to its unveiling, the S3 was the most talked about thing in cool technology, and now that it has finally arrived, pre-orders are off the chart. From build to features the new Galaxy seemingly has it all,… 

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Fun iPad Accessories For Gamers And Geeks

fun ipad accessories for geeks and gamers

Without apps and accessories, the iPad would be one pricey paperweight, not to mention an odd choice for geeks who love to play and trick out their gadgets and devices. Luckily the meteoric rise of the iPad has created a whole cottage industry of accessories which you can use to extend the functionality of the device. Some of these… 

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Top 5 Most Expensive Phones On The Planet

top expensive phones

Just when you think that paying over $400 for your smartphone is ridiculous, new designer phones come to the market to relish extravagance at its best, decorated with diamond and filled with the phone numbers of high-priority V.I.P. celebrities. Most Expensive Phones The top 5 most expensive phones on the planet are packed with gold, glitter and… 

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How To Come Up With Geeky MacBook Decal Designs

how to come up with geeky macbook decal designs

You’ve seen geeky MacBook decal designs that make you laugh, cry, and turn green with jealousy. (Also, with that weird piece of radioactive goop you ate last night.) If you want to easily come up with your own great ideas for MacBook decals, then this is the perfect place to start! Once you’ve got a… 

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5 Alternate Uses For An iPhone That Will End In Disaster

alternate ways to use and break the iphone

You know plenty of legitimate ways to use an iPhone, but this post doesn’t care about that. No, this post cares about the ways which have disaster written all over them, the 5 alternate uses for an iPhone that will undoubtedly end in tragedy. Some of these are blatantly idiotic, and some of them seem… 

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Why Apple Named The iPad 3 “The iPad” And Confused The World

why apple named the ipad 3 the ipad

So, you’ve heard about the new iPad, and in an attempt to sound smart, you went over to talk to all of your tech friends about it. The problem is, they disowned you when you used the phrase “iPad 3.” Why would they do such a thing? Because Apple has declared that this new device… 

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Ninja Remote Camera and TV Jammer

ninja remote tv jammer

  The Ninja Remote Camera and TV Jammer is an incredible gadget that almost seems too good to be true.  This device gives you the ability to mess with TVs and Cameras everywhere, from over 400 feet away.  Your weird friends are watching the History Channel, but you want to watch a Sean Connery movie…. 

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Turn Your iPhone Into A First Generation iPod: Retro iPhone 4S Cases

retro iphone cases

  The Retro iPhone 4S Cases are the hottest old thing for the hottest new thing that you’ll find in the oven of geeky stuff.  One of the cases looks like an early generation iPod, while the other is reminiscent of those clunky old Macs.  There is also a retro case (not pictured) that represents… 

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Delicious Strawberry Fudge iPhone 4S Case Will Be Eaten

Bread Strawberry Fudge iPhone 4S Case

  The Soft Bread and Strawberry Fudge iPhone 4S Case is just one more geeky product that we’ve discovered in the many product pages on Etsy.  This particular iPhone case is from DesignoShop, and costs $20.  Though things may sometimes appear hard, they’re really not.  Though this case may appear hard, it’s actually soft, so… 

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Create Your Own iPhone 4S Cases With The New Cubit Case

cubit iphone 4s case

  The Cubit iPhone 4S Case let’s you make your own designs, so that you’re not constrained by what cases are available on the market.  The possibilities are limitless!  In fact, you can even choose from three different colors!  This is the opposite of the Doodle Case Customizable iPhone Case, which gives you limitless possibilities… 

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