9 Tech Giveaways That Are Being Held Right Now Around The Web

tech giveaways

So, you want some new tech to play with, but you’re broke.  No problem – by devoting a couple of minutes to clicking links and tweeting out articles, you can enter yourself to win things like smartphones, iPads, and software!  No WAI!  Just check out these 9 tech giveaways that are going on around the… 

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Kia Rio and Spotify Looking For Submissions To Best Songs With Your Windows Down Playlist


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine. Think you’ve got a good taste in music, my friend?  If you feel like today is your day to prove that your style is superior to everyone else’s, then the Best Songs With Your Windows Down Playlist… 

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Why Project Glass Is Bad And How It Will Ruin Your Life and Relationships

how project glass will ruin your life and relationships

Yes, I’ve decided to put together a post on all of the terribly funny things that could go wrong (remember the ostrich sleeping pillow?) with project glass.  How will project glass will ruin your life and relationships?  Why will the launch mean death to society as we know it?  Well, I guess you’ll have to read a… 

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Will Google’s Project Glass Be A Success Or A Flop? [Reader Response]

google project glass flop or success reader response

Hi gang – here’s a new reader response post for you guys to interact with – I’m really hoping to get some strong responses in the comments below on this one.  Google just recently announced Project Glass, which is a pair of augmented reality glasses that will be able to do all sorts of cool… 

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How Patent Trolls Stifle the Creative Process

htc touch

Steve Jobs enjoyed taking chances and making things unpredictable not only with his life, but with his technological breakthroughs. Steve enjoyed a ridiculous amount of creativity given to him and his team because Apple could afford a legal department with a caliber that compared to no mere mortal group of lawyers. Small tech firms and… 

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Google Android Now Used on Over 135 Million Devices Worldwide

google android

One of the key points for Google the first half of 2011 has definitely been Google Android, a mobile platform they claim to now be used on over 135 million devices. Data from Google indicates 550,000 devices are being activated with Android each day, and over 6 billion Apps have been downloaded.     Google… 

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3D SmartPhones: New Technology Trend or Passing Fad?

3d smartphone

Sometimes, when you take two pieces of technology and combine them, you get brilliance. See, for example, automobile GPS systems. Other times, you get something profoundly dumb, like the idea that someone would want to watch 3D movies on a four inch screen – 3D smartphones.     3D came touted as the “next big… 

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Steve Jobs Resigns, Tears Shed Around The World

steve jobs resigns

Yes, you read it correctly, Steve Jobs has resigned. Every gadget blog that I know of has made fun of Steve Jobs at some point in time, giggling about his iconic black turtleneck sweater. Despite this fact, we will all miss the man who gave us all of those awesome tech goodies. He has brought… 

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Is Apple Right To Sue? A Look At The Samsung Products Involved

apple sues samsung galaxy s

I must preface this post by saying that I love Apple.  I buy Apple products, I like Apple products, I eat apples regularly, it’s all good.  You know what they say – spend your money at Apple once a day in order to keep Steve Jobs from ending the world indefinitely.  Wait… that doesn’t sound… 

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