Zombie Shopping Mall Experience Arms You With Airsoft Guns

zombie mall experience

The Zombie Mall Experience is really the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.  And by crazy, I mean I just might be lunatic enough to do it.  And, since I don’t listen to my mom and I hang out with like-minded individuals, other forty year old men who live with their moms, I bet I could find 14 other friends… 

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Zombie Eyes Sleep Mask

zombie eyes sleep mask

  With the Zombie Eyes Sleep Mask, scaring the annoying guy sitting next to you on the plane isn’t so hard!  He wants to talk about things, you don’t.  He wants to share pretzels with you, and you’re sure not sharing any of yours with him.  What do you do?  Put on the Zombie Eyes… 

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Biohazard And Zombie Crime Scene Tape

biohazard and zombie crime scene tape

  The Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape is geeky and great for keeping annoying people out of your house.  For example, if you didn’t want those nosy Flanders’ bringing you their mystery meat casserole, you could completely cover your main entryway in Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape, and then they wouldn’t be able… 

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Zombie Head Pencil Holder

zombie head pencil holder

The Zombie Head Pencil Holder is a … well … unique way of storing your pencils.  *coughing*  Who am I kidding THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER I hope my boss doesn’t care.  If he does, I suppose that it will have to go… I’ll just tell him that I quit very nicely.  What?  You thought… 

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Anatomical Brain Pendant

anatomical brain pendant

  The Anatomical Brain Pendant is the pinnacle of zombie-obsession.  Okay, maybe not the pinnacle, but you know what I mean.  The pinnacle is the Blood Energy Drink, which still gives me the Willies. “I wish you wouldn’t use that expression – it’s offensive.”  Look, Willy, this is something you need to take up with… 

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Gingerbread Zombie Christmas Ornament

gingerbread zombie christmas ornaments

  Deck the halls with half-dead zombies, falalalalalalalala, ’tis the season to kill zombies, falalalalalalalala, don me now my zombie kill suit falalalalalalalala then I will decorate my fake tree falalalala la la la la.  *Clears throat*  The Gingerbread Zombie Christmas Ornament is great for any people who have carolers singing the above song at… 

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Zombie Back Scratcher

zombie back scratcher

The Zombie Back Scratcher is cool not only because it is shaped like a severed zombie arm, but also because they’re all 100% unique.  Mike Rotella hand paints each of these beauties, and sells them for $25 a piece.  Of course, you could just wait until the zombie apocalypse, and then grab one of the… 

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