Star Wars Alphabet By Fabian Gonzalez Dubbed Warsphabet

star wars alphabet

This Star Wars Alphabet print, made by Fabian Gonzalez, is super creative!  (Except for the official title, which is “Warsphabet.”  Really?  Warsphabet?”)  Each letter is a distorted version of a character who’s name begins with the same letter.  (G for Greedo, S for Stormtrooper, H for Han Solo, etc.)  These are all wonderful Star Wars… 

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Revolights Light Up Bike Wheels, Make You Look TRON

revolights bike wheel lights

Revolights are awesome wheel lights that make your bike look like it came straight out of TRON!  Revolights are currently being funded on Kickstarter, and are already $100,00 past their $40,000 goal, an impressive feat.  These innovative bike lights help keep you safe from inattentive drivers.  Not me, though.  If you’re riding your bike in the… 

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The Top Indestructible GPS Devices

itrail indestructible gps

Indestructible GPS devices can play an instrumental role in fleet tracking. These devices may be placed in the trunk of a vehicle and will continue to track the vehicle even in the event of an accident. Business owners concerned about their fleet tracking options have several choices in terms of indestructible GPS devices. The first… 

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Nike MAG Back To The Future Sneakers

Nike MAG Back to the future shoes

Nike has decided to make little boys old, pot-bellied men around the world as happy as a spoiled brat on Christmas morning by producing 1500 pairs of Marty’s Nike MAG Back To The Future Sneakers.  With a design that originated in the second movie, these shoes feature glowing LEDs that run for five hours before… 

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Plasma-Watch Tokyoflash Analog Watch Features Purple Bolts of Death

plasma-watch analog watch concept design

The Plasma-Watch Tokyoflash Analog Watch is a great new concept by Patrick.  Patrick who?  We have no clue – his name is just Patrick, and he’s from France.  Patrick has taken the novelty of those glass balls that shoot purple bolts of death towards your fingertips and applied the same concept to his new watch… 

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Wooden Rubber Band Submachine Gun Is Beautiful

wooden rubber band submachine gun

The Wooden Rubber Band Submachine Gun is a thing of beauty.  Made by an unknown Japanese creator, who may or may yes be a secret agent that keeps his real identity close to his vest.  Which is probably bullet-proof.  This rubber band submachine gun is based off of the Belgian FN P90, which you can… 

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The Quadshot: Remote Control Flying Meets Intelligent Open Source Programming

quadshot remote control device

The Quadshot is a remote controlled aircraft currently in development from Santa Cruz engineers Piotr Esden-Tempski, Chris Forrette, Jeff Gibboney, and Pranay Sinha.  It is 39 inches long with a curved wing and 4 motors along the length of the aircraft. The Quadshot is made from EPP foam with carbon-fiber and strong reinforced plastic parts… 

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Postmodern Bird Cafe Feeder Follows The Fish Condo

postmoder bird cafe

After the gripping success (and I do use that phrase loosely) of Teddy Luong’s fancy “Fish Condo,” it was clear he wanted to branch out into an entirely new audience.  So, what’s the obvious next group of animals he’d appeal to after fish? Why birds of course. That’s why he created the postmodern Bird Café… 

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New Swiss Army Knife Doesn’t Have a Knife: Is a USB Drive The New Multi-tool?

swiss army knife usb drive

What do you get when one of the leading knife companies ventures into the world of advanced computer technology? You get the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Slim and Slim Duo USB Drives. Even though these interesting little gems were first announced back in January 2011, they just started shipping late last month. Although not mutually… 

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