New Swiss Army Knife Doesn’t Have a Knife: Is a USB Drive The New Multi-tool?

swiss army knife usb drive

What do you get when one of the leading knife companies ventures into the world of advanced computer technology? You get the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Slim and Slim Duo USB Drives. Even though these interesting little gems were first announced back in January 2011, they just started shipping late last month. Although not mutually… 

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Spy Coins: US Mint ½ Dollar – Micro SD Card Covert Coin – Secret Compartment

spy coins

These spy coins are perfect for passing notes, mini SD cards, and other micro stuff.  These coins look exactly like real coins when closed.  When opened, you can put thin stuff inside, and then close it back up and hand it to your friend.  If you’re a kid, and you get caught in class, and… 

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