Heroic Counterparts of Popular Social Media Sites

StumbleUpon and Iron Man

Here on the internet, that place where you can do everything from learning to read to chatting with creepy strangers, we love our popular social media sites.  (Except you, Google Buzz, Google Wave, and Google Plus.  Crossed out that last one because Google is basically my employer, and I can only stick so many tacks… 

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Not Google Plus [Video]


Are you sick and tired of me saying good things about Google+?  Are you sick of Google+?  Are you sick of social media in general?  Are you physically sick?  Well, vomit no more, friend! Watch the Not Google Plus Video, and I assure your frail little self that things will be looking up!  Turns out,… 

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Study: Social Networking Eating up Online Time for Americans

social networks

A newly published survey indicates how American’s have become obsessed when it comes to social networking, with Facebook snatching the most time compared to that of any other blogging or social media network. Because the whole science of computers is still very much in it’s infancy, the fall-out or phsycological remafications into our social networking… 

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Facebook Blocking Google+ Invites


Is Facebook blocking Google+ invites over its platform? Google is claiming that Facebook has recently begun stopping members from sending invites to the Google based social media site. Not surprisingly, Facebook has denied the allegations. What motivation might Facebook have for blocking Google+ Invites? The most obvious answer is that Facebook is trying to prevent… 

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Fun Facebook Apps: Find Out How To Have Some Facebook Fun

fun facebook apps how to have fun on facebook

There are very few people who do not have a Facebook page yet in this day and age.  Initially started as a social media to allow people to stay in touch with one another and find long lost friends, it has quickly snowballed into a program where people share their most inner thoughts, raise awareness… 

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Social Media Propoganda Posters: Choose Your Faction

facebook propaganda poster

Aaron Wood, codename sexylady3647 Justonescarf, has given us the opportunity to support our respective social media masters with some awesome propaganda posters.  Note that YouTube, Apple, and Android posters are new additions and not social media posters, because they aren’t social media companies.  Well, you could make an argument for YouTube being a social media… 

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Pepsi’s New Touchscreen Social Vending Machine vs. Old Pepsi Machine

Pepsi Social Vending Machine

I Like Coke, But I Have To Give Pepsi Props For This One.  Impressive. I have to say, I am extremely impressed with Pepsi’s latest and greatest idea.  They are going to institute what are called “social vending machines,” which have all kinds of cool capabilities that will “revolutionize” the way you waste money on… 

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