18 Pokemon Vehicles That I Must Ride To Become The Very Best

plusle car japan

Pokemon is one of the greatest things ever invented in terms of everything ever invented.  The combustion engine?  Not important.  Smallpox vaccinations?  Who cares!  Nothing can match that feeling when you watch your little buddy evolve for the first time into something even more powerful than before!  Also, that feeling when you’re trying to get… 

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Pokemon Infographic: Creepier Than Ever In Real Life [Pic]


Don’t pull out your pokeballs yet, my fellow geeks, since many of these pokemon may be repulsive.  While the animals may be repugnant, the Pokemon infographic is awesome in that some poor soul took hours of time to search the anals of the ecosystem and find these creatures to use for the real life pokemon… 

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13 House Shaking Dubstep Remixes Of Geeky Songs


Dubstep is that new “hip” music that has the power to shake your entire house with the force of its ridiculous bass.  It is also the source of countless jokes about dropping the bass, but I’m going to show you how dubstep can help you, a geek, with these 13 amazing, house shaking dubstep remixes… 

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Top 14 Geeky Easter Eggs: Pokemon, Star Wars, TARDIS, And More

geeky easter eggs

This list of the top 14 geeky easter eggs will give you some great eye candy, as well as some ideas for your own easter egg creations.  The best of the internet has been compiled into the list below: we have Pokemon easter eggs, Star Wars easter eggs, Mario easter eggs, and whatever else you… 

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