Gourmet Chocolate Pizza

gourmet chocolate pizza

  The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza combines my two favorite things: chocolate and more chocolate.  The entire thing is nearly a pound of chocolate (15 oz.) and costs $12.  There’s not actually any pizza aspect to the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza besides the fact that it looks like a pizza.  (Not really, but it’s supposed to.)  Even… 

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Dominos Planning To Build Store On The Moon, People Scratching Their Heads

domino store on moon

Since there are a ton of people living on the moon (0) and a huge pizza-loving alien population (???), Dominos has decided to build a store on the moon.  News flash: nobody can buy pizza on the moon because nobody lives on the moon.  And, even if they did, nobody would buy Dominos anyway, because… 

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