Pickle Bottle Stopper

pickle bottlestopper

  The Pickle Bottle Stopper is a geeky way to close up your wine bottles when you’re not using them to preserve the freshness.  It’s also helpful for wine bottles that have wine in them.  (What?)  This bottle stopper is shaped like a pickle, our third favorite food here at Cool Gizmo Toys – the… 

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Katapult Pen

katapult pen

  The Katapult Pen is the perfect tool for getting detentions and annoying coworkers!  With this innovative device, you can hit people with a blunt weapon, catapult small rocks and pieces of paper at people, and hit them again with a blunt weapon!  What fun!  That guy who put your stapler in Jello and is… 

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The Original Football Man Candle

the original football man candle

  The Original Football Man Candle from Perpetual Kid is for when the bros are coming over – and not the ones that you met at the WE THINK SAMUS IS SEXY convention.  (Man, that’s an awesome convention, isn’t it?  They basically invented Zero Suit Samus at one of those.) Some guys from work want to… 

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Lazy Bows 3D Wrapping Paper

lazy bows 3d wrapping paper

  The Lazy Bows 3D Wrapping Paper from Perpetual Kid is for people who are lazy and do not believe in the “it’s the thought that counts” mantra.  I, for one, think that the thought counts as much as Rick Perry can remember the three governmental organizations that he’s going to dismantle. You can think about… 

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