20 Mustache Tumblr Posts For The Facial Hair Connoisseur


Just as the title for this article on mustache Tumblr posts is very fancy, the content of said article will also be very fancy.  Need I remind you of my incredibly high score in the classic “Fancy Pants” saga?  Getting pants like that would solve most of my life’s problems: namely the fact that I’ve… 

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Why Do Geeks Like Mustaches? [Reader Response]

why do geeks like mustaches

Since we all know that I have an entire category devoted to mustaches, we also all know that there is a huge geeky following of this topic.  My question is… why?  I know that mustaches are awesome, you know that mustaches are awesome, but what is the reason behind the geeky love that we have… 

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Dapper Staches Drink Markers Are Helpful Mustaches

Dapper Mustache Drink Markers

  The Dapper Staches Drink Markers are just $4 and are a great thing to have around when it comes party time.  Sure, you may not care if you take a drink from someone else’s glass, but it’s best to be polite.  (Also, you have mono, and nobody wants that.)  So, get the Dapper Staches… 

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Mustache Magnets Geeky Product Review

mustache magnets

  The Mustache Magnets were provided to me by the geeky FunSlurp store, and are little bits of geek fun that can be applied to other things in your life to add a bit of geek chic style. Your boyfriend looking kind of bland?  Just stick one of these over his picture on the refrigerator… 

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Mustache Wall Clock

mustache wall clock

  The Mustache Wall Clock is the perfect clock for any geeky not-humble abode!  You can hang it anywhere you want, and the mustache will keep track of time for you.  Of course, you could buy a digital clock or a clock with numbers on it, but I prefer clocks that make it really difficult to… 

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Mustache Ice Cube Tray


  The Mustache Ice Cube Tray lets you make elegant mustache-shaped ice cubes!  No more of those old-fashioned cubist cube ice cubes – now, treat your guests with some respect and serve them the finest cooling devices in all of the land.  The tray is made of silicone, and can make up to 8 mustaches… 

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You Have A Bit Of Dandruff: Mustache Snow Globe

mustache snow globe

  The Mustache Snow Globe combines exactly what you want and what you don’t want into one little furry ball of awesome!  All aspiring geeks want a manly mustache – one that curls upwards and is long enough to stroke – but they want to make sure that they keep it clean, not greasy, and… 

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Mustachifier: BPA-Free Mustache Pacifier

mustachifier baby pacifier

  The Mustachifier Mustache Pacifier gets the young ones going early.  Their proud dad and embarrassed mom both sport astonishingly thick upper-lip facial hair, so why not teach the kid early about what’s important in life? And, thank God these hypothetical parents didn’t have a girl – how would you like to be known as… 

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Moustache Wallet

moustache wallet

  You need a wallet to store your wads of cash, or to make it appear as if you have wads of cash, but not any old wallet can satisfy your taste for geeky fashion.  The Moustache Wallet Perpetual Kid can – and it will save you the trouble of growing a gigantic moustache!  The wallet comes… 

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Mustache Lollipop: Instant Disguise, Instant Delicious

moustache lollipop

The Mustache Lollipop is a cola-flavored treat that doubles as a disguise.  Just hold it up over your upper lip, and the Mustache Lollipop becomes a well-groomed piece of facial hair.  Hold it over your unibrow, and you have an even bigger unibrow than you had before.  Then, when you get tired of looking like… 

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