6 Relationship Lessons We Can Learn From Samus Aran And The Metroid Series


Metroid is a great series of games, and is arguably one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises!  We’ve had countless hours of fun playing as a beautiful woman, shooting creepy zombies with our giant blasters and running around like maniacs.  The thing that very few people realize, however, is the hidden value of Samus Aran and Metroid…. 

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Office Workers: Dead Inside, Forced To Wear Shoes That Reduce Flight Risk [Pic]

anatomy of an office worker

Office Worker Infographic Pale legs is right – have you seen the people that I work with?  And the boss wonders why I wear sunglasses inside.  We just use John’s pale thighs as flashbang grenades whenever we want to leave early.  *John bares his sour cream thighs and everyone shields their eyes* [Via: Pleated Jeans]

Iron Man is The Best Avenger: Hot Women, Cash To Spend, and Big Guns


    It should be noted up front that when I say Tony Stark is the best Avenger I am only referring to the cinematic universe. When it comes to the comic book world of the Avengers franchise, my knowledge is limited (ok, I haven’t read one single issue of any Marvel comic). But I… 

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Why Project Glass Is Bad And How It Will Ruin Your Life and Relationships

how project glass will ruin your life and relationships

Yes, I’ve decided to put together a post on all of the terribly funny things that could go wrong (remember the ostrich sleeping pillow?) with project glass.  How will project glass will ruin your life and relationships?  Why will the launch mean death to society as we know it?  Well, I guess you’ll have to read a… 

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5 Alternate Uses For An iPhone That Will End In Disaster

alternate ways to use and break the iphone

You know plenty of legitimate ways to use an iPhone, but this post doesn’t care about that. No, this post cares about the ways which have disaster written all over them, the 5 alternate uses for an iPhone that will undoubtedly end in tragedy. Some of these are blatantly idiotic, and some of them seem… 

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10 Tips To Keep Your Brain Uneaten In A Zombie Apocalypse [Geeky Humor]

geeky zombie survival tips

The zombie apocalypse is going to be upon us, whether you received the email notification or not.  Look – only a select few of us were placed on the list of people who got emails, and that’s only because they tricked us into thinking that they were transferring their accounts overseas.  (Turns out not all… 

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