Date A Geek: 5 Blow Your Mind Reasons To Do It


Geeks traditionally do not fare well in the dating pool, but maybe they have been treated too harshly. The geek personality actually has a lot to offer when it comes to relationships. Next time you are looking for a new partner, don’t dismiss that cute geek who is showing interest in you. Here are five… 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Print Express Comic Book Competition

comic book competition

  UPDATE: Extended to first week of September 2012 Do you see yourself as the next Hergé or Stan Lee? Do you spend hours locked away penning new comic storylines and devising superheros, heroines, damsels in distress and other unique characters? If you are now screaming, ‘This is me!’ then the new competition from Print… 

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Sand Time Watch Great For Counting Down The Seconds Before Your Demise

sand+time watch concept

Ah, the feeling of impending doom that an hourglass brings! These age-old timers have been used to count down for seven hundred years, but now they’re usually just decoration. They always seem to be in the possession of the bad guy! From the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz to Ja’far in Aladdin, hourglasses add… 

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15 Geeky Guitars You Can Rock Out With

geeky guitar

Playing music is fun, but instruments can get pretty boring.  If you’re not walking around with a giant drum and mallet, you’re playing the dubstep foot pedal or perhaps fluting out a tune on your oboe.  “Dubstep foot pedal?”  In any case, you can appreciate the classic instrument that we call the guitar, and you… 

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Medieval Weapon Pushpins Geeky Product Review

medieval weapon pushpins

Medieval Weapon Pushpins The Medieval Weapon Pushpins are a unique way to pin up notes and memos, and were sent to me by the wonderfully charming LIVINGroyal! Ah, so we find ourselves again wandering through the streets of the fifteen hundreds, surrounded by dead cows and the knights of the round table, who are busy… 

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Launch Of The Geeky Science Series: A Brief Introduction

geeky science series

  Hello, Cool Gizmo Toys community! I’m happy to announce the launch of the Geeky Science series, which is as momentous as it sounds! Today, this is the only post on the series that I will post, but for the next five days I am going to write an article on a geeky topic that… 

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Why Apple Named The iPad 3 “The iPad” And Confused The World

why apple named the ipad 3 the ipad

So, you’ve heard about the new iPad, and in an attempt to sound smart, you went over to talk to all of your tech friends about it. The problem is, they disowned you when you used the phrase “iPad 3.” Why would they do such a thing? Because Apple has declared that this new device… 

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Why Do Geeks Like Mustaches? [Reader Response]

why do geeks like mustaches

Since we all know that I have an entire category devoted to mustaches, we also all know that there is a huge geeky following of this topic.  My question is… why?  I know that mustaches are awesome, you know that mustaches are awesome, but what is the reason behind the geeky love that we have… 

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The Better Bacon Book for iPad

the better bacon book ipad

  The Better Bacon Book is an e-book that is right up the alley of most geeks.  Bacon is delicious, but the majority of us can’t reach the full potential of bacon, because we don’t know what to teach our meat – how to raise it to become the doctor of its future generation. Well,… 

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Social Sticky Notes

social sticky notes

  The Social Sticky Notes are great tools for writing memos and nagging your family members and coworkers!  Instead of bothering them by plastering regular sticky notes on their desk, you can use these sticky notes, which look like Facebook messages. Why aren’t they called Facebook message notes?  Because then they would have to pay… 

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