Rainbow Cupcakes Are Made With Real Rainbows

rainbow cupcakes

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you, but these rainbow cupcakes are made entirely out of Real Rainbows (TM).  “What’s with the TM?”  A bunch of patent trolls managed to trademark rainbows.  Who knew, right?  *Previously on an episode of “Wow, bureaucracy is the best”* There are few things more visually stimulating than… 

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MiP Robot by WowWee Balances On Two Wheels, Carries Stuff

mip wowwee

Meet the MiP robot, the guy who is going to carry all of your stuff around and play games with the kids.  This robot balances on two wheels, can roam autonomously, can track and follow objects, and knows over 350 pickup lines.  Just kidding, he doesn’t know any pickup lines because he’s much better looking… 

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Adorable Catbug Cupcakes From Nerdache Cakes

Catbug Cupcakes

Thank you, Nerdache Cakes, because you have made my day much better than it was five minutes ago.  These Catbug cupcakes are incredibly adorable, and are a great tribute to the character that some of us know and love.  Even if you were clueless as to who Catbug was a few minutes ago, like I… 

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Kinetic Sand Deemed The Best Thing In The Universe

kinetic sand

As of right now, Kinetic Sand has been officially deemed the “best thing in the universe” by everyone.  The world took a vote, and 99% of the Earth marked Kinetic Sand, with .5% marking “World Peace” and .5% choosing “bad puns.”  If you haven’t played with this awesome toy yet, then you are seriously missing out.  Mold… 

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Cardiff 3-Wheeled Skates Are 1.5 Times The Fun!

3-wheeled cardiff skates

The Cardiff 3-Wheeled Skates bring your rollerskating game to a whole new level.  From zero to hero, from scraped knees to bee’s knees.  Or even to bees’ knees, which is multiple pairs of bumblebee kneecaps, as opposed to a single pair of bumblebee kneecaps.  *Does the Charleston* Do you know the difference between me and that… 

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Play Marco Polo With Your Phone: Who Needs Friends?

play marco polo with your phone

So, you want to be able to play Marco Polo with your phone?  Because you don’t have any friends?  Because you live in the Siberian arctic, where there is no such thing as a pool game?  Because I am so large that I displace all of the water out of your inflatable pool?  “Yes, the… 

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Star Wars Macarons Look Better Inside My Body

Star Wars Macarons

People love Star Wars, people love macarons, people love Star Wars macarons.  I don’t know what you want me to say – I could make bad references to that Chacarron Macarron song, I guess.  Get the content guy in here, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.  *Guy walks in* Hey, pretend… 

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Snorlax Bed: He Wakes Up When You Sleep

Pokemon Bed

Everyone knows that Snorlax loves to sleep – and why wouldn’t he?  He’s a big man, and big men need their sleep in order to function.  “How’d that go over with your boss?”  I recall it going extremely well, actually – the firing was very cordial, and he only slapped me once.  *sobs silently*  He… 

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Cool Frequency Visualizers: The Top 6 On YouTube

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 3.32.49 PM

Cool frequency visualizers are not only awesome, they are the key to getting more people to watch your music promotion videos.  Rule of thumb: if your video doesn’t look cool, I’m not going to watch it.  If I can listen to the same song while watching a bunch of lasers or some adorable kittens, I’m… 

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Mini Remote Control Tank: Battletank Desk Pet


The government gets all huffy and puffy when you try to drive your tank home, but we have come up with the perfect solution.  Just get a mini remote control tank!  The Battletank Desk Pet is everything that you need to wage your own wars and conquer your own countries.     With these mini… 

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