Minecraft Block Lights: Diamond and Redstone

Minecraft Block Light

I’ve always been a fan of Minecraft, and I’ve been a fan of light ever since I was walking in the kitchen at night and fell on a knife.  “Oh my gosh are you okay?”  Yeah, it’s no big deal.  “When was this?”  Oh, like five minutes ago!  *Collapses* These Minecraft block lights are available… 

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T-Block Watch: Fancy, Slick, I’m Too Dumb For This

T-Block Watch

The T-Block Watch is yet another awesome design that comes complete with a “fool people into thinking you’re smart by having a strange watch” package.  My favorite part about the whole thing is that the designers have gone with “D” and “PM” as opposed to the traditional “AM” and “PM.”  I mean, what is “AM”… 

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Snorlax Bed: He Wakes Up When You Sleep

Pokemon Bed

Everyone knows that Snorlax loves to sleep – and why wouldn’t he?  He’s a big man, and big men need their sleep in order to function.  “How’d that go over with your boss?”  I recall it going extremely well, actually – the firing was very cordial, and he only slapped me once.  *sobs silently*  He… 

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Haiku SenseME Fan Knows You Better Than Mom Does

Haiku SenseME Fan

Ah, the Haiku SenseME Fan.  Not only does it adjust its speed to match current temperature and humidity conditions, but it also gets to know your personal preferences.  It’s like having a butler who is taped to the ceiling and can’t do anything to help you out around the house, but makes you feel nice… 

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Cool Frequency Visualizers: The Top 6 On YouTube

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 3.32.49 PM

Cool frequency visualizers are not only awesome, they are the key to getting more people to watch your music promotion videos.  Rule of thumb: if your video doesn’t look cool, I’m not going to watch it.  If I can listen to the same song while watching a bunch of lasers or some adorable kittens, I’m… 

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9 Super Awesome Pancakes That Are Super Awesome

awesome pancakes

Sometimes, things are super awesome, but they aren’treallysuper awesome.  If you have ever experienced this phenomenon before, then you know why I titled this post the way that I did! These 9 super awesome pancakes are, indeed, super awesome.  They’re like the video games that you’re still playing ten years after you bought them, and… 

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Globee Night Lights: Worldly People Who Are Afraid Of The Dark

globee night lights

Either you have a small child and are trying to save them from their destiny of becoming an ethnocentric fool or you are afraid of the dark and have some money to blow.  With the Globee Night Lights, pronounced “Globe-eeee,” you can scare away the monsters that live under your bed and look at a… 

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Retro Video Game Box Art of the 80s and 90s

retro video game box art

Video games have changed a lot since the 80s and, let’s face it; a lot of those changes have been for the better. Modern games immerse the player in huge, interactive worlds and feature arresting plots and breathtaking graphics. But, as a designer, I feel like there’s at least one way that modern video games… 

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9 Geeky Perfumes and Colognes For Ladies and Gents

geeky cologne

Geeky Perfumes . . . Whether male or female, Khajiit or Wood Elf, you’re going to need to smell good for your significant other.  And by good, I mean not like you have been sitting on the couch for three weeks and haven’t showered since you cleaned the Dorito dust out of your chest hair…. 

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10 Incredible Houses on Wheels

house on wheels

The overactive imaginations of designers have created amazing portable domiciles. Ideal for the nomadic homeowner, these great houses on wheels enable you to change location without sacrificing the comfort of your home. Why move house when you can simply move your house? Removal firms pack your bags; your days may be numbered. 1.  Derek’s Dinky… 

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