Kinetic Sand Deemed The Best Thing In The Universe

kinetic sand

As of right now, Kinetic Sand has been officially deemed the “best thing in the universe” by everyone.  The world took a vote, and 99% of the Earth marked Kinetic Sand, with .5% marking “World Peace” and .5% choosing “bad puns.”  If you haven’t played with this awesome toy yet, then you are seriously missing out.  Mold… 

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Cardiff 3-Wheeled Skates Are 1.5 Times The Fun!

3-wheeled cardiff skates

The Cardiff 3-Wheeled Skates bring your rollerskating game to a whole new level.  From zero to hero, from scraped knees to bee’s knees.  Or even to bees’ knees, which is multiple pairs of bumblebee kneecaps, as opposed to a single pair of bumblebee kneecaps.  *Does the Charleston* Do you know the difference between me and that… 

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$550,000 TRON Lambo Seized By Police, Driven By Extremely Wealthy Miscreant


Picture this: you own a $550,000 TRON Lamborghini, bought entirely with money that you inherited as a member of the ruling Qatar family.  Then, because you are (not allegedly, but assuredly) obscenely rich and don’t care at all, you (allegedly) drive it around at high speeds without a license or proof of insurance.  (Allegedly).  I… 

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Which Movie Franchises Make The Most Money? [Infographic]

which movie franchises make the most money

The fact that Twilight made it on this infographic, which shows the movie franchises that make the most money, proves nothing about the film’s quality. But, given the assumption that everyone here recognizes these movies as utter abominations, we can use this infographic to prove something else. What’s that, you ask?  That people need to stop… 

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9 Super Awesome Pancakes That Are Super Awesome

awesome pancakes

Sometimes, things are super awesome, but they aren’treallysuper awesome.  If you have ever experienced this phenomenon before, then you know why I titled this post the way that I did! These 9 super awesome pancakes are, indeed, super awesome.  They’re like the video games that you’re still playing ten years after you bought them, and… 

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A Pet Bird Without the Responsibilities – Avitron Version 2.0 Remote Control Bird

remote control bird

Birds aren’t very fun to play with, and they’re even less fun to own.  They’re loud, they poo everywhere, and they’re generally annoying.  (Sorry, bird-owners, but I don’t think that any of you would argue that your pets are not loud.  And very free with their feces.) Joys of Pet Ownership Without the Work With… 

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BMO Teapot For Tea Addicts Who Also Enjoy Adventure Time

BMO Teapot

Adventure Time is one of the greatest animated shows ever to have been animated, so it is only right that one of its most loved characters would be made into a teapot. BMO is a friend to all and an enemy to none who are not his enemies.  Instead of telling you all about this… 

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10 Reptile Cakes: Snakes, Lizards, and a Tortoise

reptile cake

Reptiles are awesome, but they aren’t usually eaten by people.  (At least where I live.)  Whether this is because they are awesome or because they look icky is irrelevant, since this post is about reptile cakes.  If you weren’t into this kind of thing, then you wouldn’t be here, so I’m going to skip the… 

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