How To Get Better Grades Using Social Media [Infographic]

how to get better grades using social media infographic

Well, I guess I’m set!  I don’t need to study now, since I learned from the How To Get Better Grades Using Social Media Infographic that heavy social media actually correlates to better grades.  God knows I waste my entire life writing this blog or tweeting about my wedgies on Twitter.  The only issue I… 

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Pacman Ghost USB Lamp: Chuck Norris Turns On The Dark

pacman ghost usb lamp

The Pacman Ghost USB Lamp not only glows a vibrant color, it also has built-in Chuck Norris sensors that can sense when he turns on the dark.  (Close enough, right?)  Once the room is dark, the Pacman Ghost USB Lamp lights up to guide you to the nearest exit.  Which, if you live in the… 

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Eraser Pencil Takes Away The Fun of Mini Pencils and Severed Fingers

Eraser-Pencil concept

Whenever you use a non-mechanical pencil that isn’t the eraser pencil concept, you need to occasionally sharpen it.  (Bear with me on this one.)  Every time you sharpen the pencil, it gets smaller.  Eventually, you end up with a tiny stub.  Once you have this tiny stub, drop it and sprint in the other direction…. 

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How To Burglar-Proof Your Stash of Cash [Infographic]

how to Burglar-Proof your stash of cash infographic

Following this optimal keyword placement of How To Burglar-Proof Your Stash of Cash Infographic, there will be an awesome in-post intro/overture/introture/I wouldn’t know since I sleep through orchestra concerts.  Here in the United States of America, people are scared.  Are we being attacked by a horde of giant ants?  ARE WE RUNNING OUT OF ICE… 

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15 Tips To Better Email Etiquette [Infographic]

15 tips to better email etiquette infographic

I know that I just did a post on an infographic, but I needed to share the 15 Tips To Better Email Etiquette Infographic.  As a blogger, writing emails to people is part of my job.  After taking a look at the 15 Tips To Better Email Etiquette, I understand why people are getting mad… 

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Social Media Propoganda Posters: Choose Your Faction

facebook propaganda poster

Aaron Wood, codename sexylady3647 Justonescarf, has given us the opportunity to support our respective social media masters with some awesome propaganda posters.  Note that YouTube, Apple, and Android posters are new additions and not social media posters, because they aren’t social media companies.  Well, you could make an argument for YouTube being a social media… 

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Postmodern Bird Cafe Feeder Follows The Fish Condo

postmoder bird cafe

After the gripping success (and I do use that phrase loosely) of Teddy Luong’s fancy “Fish Condo,” it was clear he wanted to branch out into an entirely new audience.  So, what’s the obvious next group of animals he’d appeal to after fish? Why birds of course. That’s why he created the postmodern Bird Café… 

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Great Deku Tree of Life Is A Huge Legend of Zelda Infographic

great deku tree of life legend of zelda

Jude Buffum has not only determined the 200 most important life forms in the Legend of Zelda universe, he has drawn all of them onto an infographic of epic proportions.  The Zelda infographic is called Magna Arbor Vitae Deku but you can just call it Great Deku The Tree of Life.  Also, amazing.  Plus, he’s given… 

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New Swiss Army Knife Doesn’t Have a Knife: Is a USB Drive The New Multi-tool?

swiss army knife usb drive

What do you get when one of the leading knife companies ventures into the world of advanced computer technology? You get the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Slim and Slim Duo USB Drives. Even though these interesting little gems were first announced back in January 2011, they just started shipping late last month. Although not mutually… 

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Hooray For VapoRub: Scented Gummy Earbuds


If you’re a synesthete, it’s very possible that the scented Gummy Earbuds are an insult to your awesomeness.  For those of us who are boring and normal, the Gummy Earbuds are amazing.  The three colors and three scents are as follows:  red is strawberry, green is apple, and blue is blueberry.  Each pair of earbuds… 

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