Sand Time Watch Great For Counting Down The Seconds Before Your Demise

sand+time watch concept

Ah, the feeling of impending doom that an hourglass brings! These age-old timers have been used to count down for seven hundred years, but now they’re usually just decoration. They always seem to be in the possession of the bad guy! From the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz to Ja’far in Aladdin, hourglasses add… 

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Ring Clock Concept Design: The Time Is In Your Hands

ring clock

The Ring Clock concept design is a unique product plan created by Cyber of CGSociety that puts the time in your hands by putting a watch on your fingers.  The Ring Clock, if put into production, would be made of stainless steel and come in two varieties: a dark ring featuring an orange light and a… 

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Free Money for The HexBright FLEX Flashlight

hexbright flex flashlight

If a bunch of you guys got here by searching free money in Google, that’s wonderful!  Now that you’ve found an outlet for your free money, just go to the contact tab and let me know the amount you’ll be sending over.  Post me receiving MILLIONS OF FREE DOLLARS, we’ll discuss a project that’s been… 

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The Scroll Bookshelf Concept Suggests That Reading Causes Severe Headaches

scroll bookshelf concept

The Scroll Bookshelf concept, designed by Pei-Yi Chiu, Chia-Rung Shu, Wung-Bing Lin, and Wung-Bing Lin, was meant to foster everyone’s love of reading.  The developers figured, rightly, that more people would decide to sit outside and read a book if they had a fancy way to store their reading material.  While this is an awesome concept,… 

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Edible Pen – We Can, and We Have

edible pen

Why on earth would someone need an edible pen?  Nobody knows.  Why on earth would someone want an edible pen?  Because it’s awesome.  Designed by Dave Hakkens, this pen lets you do more than just chew on your writing utensil – you can eat it. Edible Pen   The rings on the chew-friendly pen are hard candy, similar to the sugary… 

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