20 Incredible Kid Cosplays: Little Geeks


Last month we saw another successful San Diego Comic Con come and go, and with it an abundance of wonderful cosplays of those in attendance. Kid Cosplays can be incredibly easy to mess up, but when it’s done right then it’s friggen awesome. Now, kids are far more adorable than adults, as a general rule… 

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The Ten Greatest Comic-Con 2012 Cosplays

comic-con 2012 cosplay

Comic-Con is over, and some of you may have already forgotten about it.  A portion of you are saying, “YES FINALLY A COMIC-CON LIST,” and the other portion of you are saying, “IF I SEE ANOTHER POST ABOUT COMIC-CON I’M GONNA THROW UP ON YOUR VEGGIES.”  Why did I wait so long to put this… 

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