$550,000 TRON Lambo Seized By Police, Driven By Extremely Wealthy Miscreant


Picture this: you own a $550,000 TRON Lamborghini, bought entirely with money that you inherited as a member of the ruling Qatar family.  Then, because you are (not allegedly, but assuredly) obscenely rich and don’t care at all, you (allegedly) drive it around at high speeds without a license or proof of insurance.  (Allegedly).  I… 

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18 Pokemon Vehicles That I Must Ride To Become The Very Best

plusle car japan

Pokemon is one of the greatest things ever invented in terms of everything ever invented.  The combustion engine?  Not important.  Smallpox vaccinations?  Who cares!  Nothing can match that feeling when you watch your little buddy evolve for the first time into something even more powerful than before!  Also, that feeling when you’re trying to get… 

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Hot Wheels Video Racer Lets Kids Capture Their Moments of Triumph

hot wheels video racer

Kids love to create massive jumps and tracks for their Hot Wheels cars, and then force their friends and family to watch the cars go flying until one of them lands.  Unfortunately for the child’s friends and family, Hot Wheels tracks are often unreliable.  It’s going to be a long day for those people.  VROOOM… 

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