Star Wars Bookends Are Cool Ideas for DIY Home Decorators

Cool Star Wars Bookend For Geeks

    Star Wars Logo Bookends: Use The Force To Display Books and Videos Hey Luke Skywalker fans! These are the Star Wars Bookends you have been looking for, or maybe you just stumbled onto this Cool Gizmo Toys page . . .  In any case (especially book case), you might like to check out… 

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Batman Bookends Showcase Your Books Gotham Style

Batman Bookends DC Kerchair

Don’t Touch That Dial . . . Batman Bookends Are Coming Right Up Here are a few Batman themed bookends that will look great on your bookshelf.  In the age of digital books, these bookends are getting harder to find.  Of course, we collectors still need our Batman bookends in order to showcase our collection… 

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14 Geeky Bookends For Your Home

geeky bookends

Reading books is great and all, but these 14 geeky bookends reinforce the truth that books are only good for displaying in your home, and that reading them is pointless.  Why?  Because I’m cheap and just bought a bunch of books with no print in them to create the illusion of me being extremely erudite…. 

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