Real Life Facebook Like Button Doesn’t Work, Still Awesome

real life facebook like button

The Real Life Facebook Like Button is exactly what it’s name implies: a giant Facebook Like Button.  The button, unfortunately, doesn’t actually register your Like on Facebook, but instead displays it publicly on an Arduino computer packed into the wooden and acrylic case that is the body of the Like button.  Developed by Mario Klingeman,… 

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The Best iPhone 4 BrickCase Creations

brickcase lego builder iphone

The BrickCase for iPhone 4, by SmallWorks, turns your iPhone into a blank canvas on which you can dump your wonderful lego-related ideas.  In more understandable terms, “the case, like, let’s you, like, put, like, legos on it and stuff, you know?”  These are the best functional and aesthetic creations for the iPhone 4 BrickCase…. 

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