GameCube Controllers For Wii U: Best Thing At E3

gamecube controllers for wii u

I, along with all of my friends, have been complaining about the Wii U’s lack of GameCube-controller-compatibility.  At this year’s E3, a beautiful thing has been unveiled: GameCube controllers for Wii U!  This confirms that Nintendo has not decided to just ruin the Smash Bros. series with their “innovations” that no one ever seems to… 

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Kinetic Sand Deemed The Best Thing In The Universe

kinetic sand

As of right now, Kinetic Sand has been officially deemed the “best thing in the universe” by everyone.  The world took a vote, and 99% of the Earth marked Kinetic Sand, with .5% marking “World Peace” and .5% choosing “bad puns.”  If you haven’t played with this awesome toy yet, then you are seriously missing out.  Mold… 

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9-Foot Great White Shark Eaten By Mystery Predator (Kraken)

great white eaten

The above is a picture of a great white shark.  It is placed within this post solely to remind you of how frighteningly massive (and massively frightening) these animals are, and was obtained from the naturally-flavored National Geographic. In more important news, however, it seems that we have a new reason to be afraid of… 

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Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks: Prepare for Death

Geeky Food

Just take a second.  Step back and think about what you’re reading: Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks.  As if bacon wasn’t delicious enough, they added in a delicious dose of bread and an even more delicious dose of cheese!  Wow!  Please replace “delicious” with “unhealthy.”  Once you’ve done that, realize that you’re just as bald as… 

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T-Block Watch: Fancy, Slick, I’m Too Dumb For This

T-Block Watch

The T-Block Watch is yet another awesome design that comes complete with a “fool people into thinking you’re smart by having a strange watch” package.  My favorite part about the whole thing is that the designers have gone with “D” and “PM” as opposed to the traditional “AM” and “PM.”  I mean, what is “AM”… 

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Mini Remote Control Tank: Battletank Desk Pet


The government gets all huffy and puffy when you try to drive your tank home, but we have come up with the perfect solution.  Just get a mini remote control tank!  The Battletank Desk Pet is everything that you need to wage your own wars and conquer your own countries.     With these mini… 

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Omni: Virtual Reality Gaming is Real, Affordable, and Has Me Kicking Myself

omni virtual reality gaming

Omni is here, and it’s going to revolutionize virtual reality gaming.  I should have thought of it – it’s so simple that it’s brilliant! Gaming has always been moving from unrealistic experiences to what seems almost as vivid as real life.  The next logical step in this field, of course, was to take the human… 

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