Emergency Googly Eyes

emergency googly eyes

The Emergency Googly Eyes are wonderful for more than ten reasons, at least.  Not only do you get 20 pairs of four different sizes of googly eyes, you don’t need any glue!  All of the ocular representations included in the Emergency Googly Eyes tin have “Stick It On” adhesives on the back.  Just peel back the plastic,… 

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Bacon Bandages

bacon bandages

  Bacon Bandages – the only things that get me through my severe badminton injuries.  Sure, I have loved ones and friends, but they all just start puking when the blood comes spurting and things get rough.  The Bacon Bandages?  They’re steely-eyed, phased by nothing, and prepared to get you back on your feet again…. 

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Magical Unicorn Mask

magical unicorn mask

  The Magical Unicorn Mask is for all of you geeky crazies (like myself) who like to pretend that you’re a unicorn.  You had better watch yourself before I spear you with my glittery horn, bro. The mask is $30, latex, and one size fits all.  One size will not necessarily fit all, but mask… 

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Inflatable Tentacle Arm

inflatable tentacle arm

  You know what would make you look even cooler than you do now?  A tentacle arm.  Since the best scientists in the world are still working on a moving prosthetic tentacle, the Inflatable Tentacle Arm will have to do.  Do you see the pirate in the above picture?  That costume is trash – utter… 

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Pickle Pop: Pickle Flavored Lollipop

pickle pop

Pickles are delicious – they’re almost as good as that wonderful hunk of meat and lard that we call bacon.  What better way to celebrate the tastiness of pickles than to suck on a good old Dill Pickle Pop? The Pickle Pop is a pickle flavored lollipop, and will give you a substantial amount of pickle-related… 

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Octopus Porcelain Mug: You’ve Been Duped

octopus porcelain mug

The Octopus Porcelain Mug may look like a perfectly normal mug at first glance, but drain that liquid, and you see that a drink is not the only thing occupying your cup.  This geeky mug features an octopus reminiscent of Megashark vs. Giant Octopus, and we’re surprised that it isn’t sneaking sips of your delicious beverage…. 

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