Turn Your Life Into a Video Game With HabitRPG [Kickstarter]

habitrpg kickstarter

You’re excellent when it comes to video games, so why does it seem like real life is beating you down? All of your Minecraft creations are exquisitely complex, and everyone admires your LoL account, but it just doesn’t seem like life does what you tell it to.  (My dog doesn’t even do what I tell… 

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The Best Celebrity Dog and Human Matches – Doggelganger Facial Recognition Software

facial recognition doggelganger

Doggelganger is a new facial recognition software that matches your features with an adoptable dog!  This facial recognition software analyzes your face and chooses a dog from its database which most closely matches you.  The point of the Doggelganger facial recognition system is to encourage more people to adopt dogs by showing them that there’s… 

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