MiP Robot by WowWee Balances On Two Wheels, Carries Stuff

mip wowwee

Meet the MiP robot, the guy who is going to carry all of your stuff around and play games with the kids.  This robot balances on two wheels, can roam autonomously, can track and follow objects, and knows over 350 pickup lines.  Just kidding, he doesn’t know any pickup lines because he’s much better looking… 

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GS#4: Do We Have The Technology To Re-Create R2-D2?

can we re-create r2-d2 geeky science

Hello!  Welcome to Geeky Science #4, which will focus on whether or not we have the technology to re-create R2-D2.  If you missed one of the prior three posts, or just got here via Google, you can visit the introduction page for easy navigation between all of the posts!   What Makes R2-D2 Special? So,… 

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Hexbug Larva Comes Slithering Onto The Scene

hexbug larva

  The Hexbug Larva is the newest, most disturbing member of the Hexbug family.  If you weren’t content with robotic ants, robotic caterpillars, robotic spiders, and robotic crabs, surely a robotic maggot will satisfy your sick and insatiable tastes.  What makes the Hexbug Larva unique is its lack of legs – it inches its way… 

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Mechatars Battling Robots Evolve In Both The Physical And Virtual Realms

mechatars battling robots

The Mechatars Battling Robots are cool remote controlled creatures that evolve both in and out of the virtual world.  You can battle your friends in the physical realm, or you can go online with your bot and take on strange middle aged men who live in California.  When you fight a friend, either online or… 

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Lego CubeStormer II Solves The Rubik’s Cube In Under 6 Seconds


The Lego CubeStormer II, the second generation of this NXT Mindstorm Robot, has shattered its record.  While it had previously required around 10 seconds to solve a Rubik’s Cube, it now only needs 5.352 seconds to do the same thing.     The CubeStormer II is powered by a program loaded onto a Samsung Galaxy… 

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Desk Pets Tankbot: It May Be Better Than A Dog


If you are feeling a little lonely in the big city, but aren’t really sure whether you are ready to get a dog yet, then why not try getting a Desk Pets Tankbot first? Yes, Desk Pets has recently released a small four-wheeler pet called a Tankbot that fits onto the palm of your hand…. 

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Panasonic Evolta Robot To Complete Iron Man Triathlon

Panasonic Evolta robot

Panasonic’s Evolta Robot, on October 23rd, will have one week to complete a 230 km Iron Man Triathlon in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  The Evolta has, in past years, climbed the Grand Canyon, walked from Tokyo to Kyoto, and made me delicious waffles.  Okay – the last one was my mom.  MA!  GIMME MORE… 

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Robot Changing Into A Helicopter: Real Life Transformer

transforming helicopter robot

The researchers at the University of Minnesota from the Center of Distributed Robotics have tried to give wings to the dreams of many. Only a prototype for now, they have developed a miniature robot that travels on the ground, and within seconds can transform itself into a helicopter. The process is reversible and the conversion… 

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16 Mini Robot Companions That You’ll Fall In Love With

walkie bits

Over the years, the tech world has seen countless mini robots and tiny mechanical creatures.  These are the 16 best tiny robot companions.  Some are cheap, some are costly, all are cool.     16 Awesome Mini Robot Companions   Walkie Bits Turtle Robots Hexbug Nano Robotic Creatures Seiko Epson Monsieur Robots Hexbug Crab Robotic… 

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