Man Turns Bedroom Into Arcade, Loses Fiancee, Worth It

man turns bedroom into arcade

What’s more important than the love of your life?  Spending $32,000 on your bedroom in order to turn it into an arcade.  Chris Kooluris, vice president of a top PR firm, began a hobby that led him into a dark abyss of loneliness.  Just kidding, who needs fiancees anyway?  The guys are coming over later,… 

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Playable Tetris Pumpkin Carving In The Spirit of Halloween

playable tetris pumpkin

  This is my semi-official Halloween post, and I think you’ll all enjoy it.  Why carve a pathetic Tetris pumpkin when you’re going to be revealed as the noob that you are when you see this thing sitting on a neighbor’s front porch.  This playable Tetris pumpkin doesn’t use fire, but it lights up for all of… 

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Five Amazing Steampunk Wallpapers For Your Computer

steampunk computer wallpaper

What most geeks love about steampunk is the intersection between retro steam-powered technology and cutting-edge scientific advances. (Case in point: This DIY Tesla gun makes steampunk aficionados and science nerds drool.) Why not bring some steampunk-inspired retro fun to your workspace with these amazing steampunk wallpapers? 1.  Ladybug Steampunk Wallpaper Regular ladybug? Too twee, and… 

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Giveaway: Vinyl Design’s Retro Vibe Wall Decals Make Me Happy

tetris wall decal

I have trouble controlling my emotions, and often a slight annoyance turns into a dirt-bike through the neighbor’s window.  Fortunately, I can vaguely recognize what I am feeling, so I am able to confidently say that Vinyl Design’s Retro Vibe Wall Decals make me happy.  And, when I’m happy, I refrain from force-choking all of… 

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LEGO Game Boy Transformer Makes Me Appear Uncoordinated

LEGO game boy transformer

  The LEGO Game Boy Transformer gets me mad, because it showcases a talent that apparently fell out of my rather un-filled box of skills and abilities.  (The lid was still on when God was finished.)  This creation turns me into a maelstrom of negative emotions that usually ends up breaking my fragile psyche and… 

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Arcade Game Alarm Clock With Joystick Action

arcade alarm clock

  The Arcade Game Alarm Clock is a geeky piece of work, indeed!  Not only does this digital alarm clock look like a mini retro arcade game cabinet, but it even has working joystick controls!  (No, those just aren’t for show.)  They let you change the time, set alarms, and stop time momentarily. “Really?”  Yep… 

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NES Controller iPhone 4 Case Geeky Product Review

nes controller iphone case

  The NES Controller iPhone Case is a great geeky product that was sent to me by FunSlurp, a wonderful site of quirky items that are sources of happiness for people like you and me. This case is a snap-on plastic representation of the classic retro NES controller that is the essence of retro gaming…. 

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Arrowhead Laser Pointer

arrowhead laser pointer

  The Arrowhead Laser Pointer combines the very very old with the relatively new!  You could have a shiny pen laser pointer, but that wouldn’t show that you’re a cultured being who appreciates the adversity that our ancestors faced. People in this era complain about paying a couple dollars for a burger – these guys… 

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8-Bit Flower Bouquet

8-bit flower bouquet

  The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any geeky woman!  Women inherently love flowers, retro geeks love 8-bit stuff, so I don’t see why the 8-bit bouquet wouldn’t be the perfect combination of those two things.  This geeky product stands on its own, so it can be displayed like… 

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Turn Your iPhone Into A First Generation iPod: Retro iPhone 4S Cases

retro iphone cases

  The Retro iPhone 4S Cases are the hottest old thing for the hottest new thing that you’ll find in the oven of geeky stuff.  One of the cases looks like an early generation iPod, while the other is reminiscent of those clunky old Macs.  There is also a retro case (not pictured) that represents… 

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