Mini Remote Control Tank: Battletank Desk Pet


The government gets all huffy and puffy when you try to drive your tank home, but we have come up with the perfect solution.  Just get a mini remote control tank!  The Battletank Desk Pet is everything that you need to wage your own wars and conquer your own countries.     With these mini… 

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A Pet Bird Without the Responsibilities – Avitron Version 2.0 Remote Control Bird

remote control bird

Birds aren’t very fun to play with, and they’re even less fun to own.  They’re loud, they poo everywhere, and they’re generally annoying.  (Sorry, bird-owners, but I don’t think that any of you would argue that your pets are not loud.  And very free with their feces.) Joys of Pet Ownership Without the Work With… 

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F-86 Great Planes RC Jet Is The Lightest Of Its Kind

f-86 rc jet

  F-86 RC Jet is Light! Remote control jets haven’t always been the best – they’ve been known for a lack of maneuverability, and  helicopters have really gained more popularity among hobby enthusiasts.  Fortunately for geeky jet enthusiasts, the F-86 Great Planes RC Jet just might change that.  This plane is the lightest remote control… 

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Mario Kart 1/8 Scale Remote Control Car

mario kart rc 1/8 scale

The Mario Kart 1/8 Scale Remote Control Car 1/8 Scale Remote Control Car is great for any lover of Mario Kart.  We know that Mario Kart 7 is coming out soon, and what could better accompany this game than a themed RC car?  Turtles with wings, but we can’t buy those.  At least, not in America.  *Tapes… 

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The Quadshot: Remote Control Flying Meets Intelligent Open Source Programming

quadshot remote control device

The Quadshot is a remote controlled aircraft currently in development from Santa Cruz engineers Piotr Esden-Tempski, Chris Forrette, Jeff Gibboney, and Pranay Sinha.  It is 39 inches long with a curved wing and 4 motors along the length of the aircraft. The Quadshot is made from EPP foam with carbon-fiber and strong reinforced plastic parts… 

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3D Twister Remote Control Car by Silverlit Hands On Review

3d twister rc car

First of all, I need to tell you that this is a sponsored post.  As in, they sent me the 3D Twister and let me play with it and keep it.  Fortunately for you, it takes a lot more than a remote control car to buy my opinions.  Give me somewhere around $7,000 and I’ll… 

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Why Buy an RC Helicopter?

rc helicopter

RC helicopters seem to be an unlikely gift for many RC Toy enthusiasts. They don’t have the tradition, nor the following of cars. They can’t be used in a pool, like RC boats. However, this much-underrated remote control toy has a very loyal following, and for good reason. RC helicopters are, by far, the most… 

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