Rage of Bahamut: The Essential Guide


“I’m tired of ranking low in events, and I’m spending too much money on SR / SSR cards!”

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place …


rage of bahamut guide

Learn To Be The High-Ranking Player You’ve Always Envied

Succeeding at Rage of Bahamut is challenging.   You are trying to follow the strategies of other winners by building your decks and contributing your best during events, but it just isn’t working out for you.


Build a Successful Strategy from the Ground Up

Rage of Bahamut: The Essential Guide will show you how to stop relying on paid card packs and uninterested order members.


You’ll get everything you need to turn your game around, including advice on generating HP, building decks, creating Order strategies, and more.


If you’re serious about building a top-notch order and generating enough Holy Powder to do well in Holy Wars and to buy SR / SSR cards, you’ll find this guide indispensable.


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 What’s in this Guide?

rage of bahamut the essential guide


This Comprehensive Guide Also Includes

  • The most important basics of Rage of Bahamut
  • How to choose a realm
  • Best ways to move up the ladder of card rarities
  • Tips for succeeding in events
  • The most powerful deck combinations
  • How to generate HP so that you can buy that SR card that you’ve always wanted
  • Techniques for building a top Order from scratch
  • Proven strategies for assigning and using the different Holy Wars positions to your advantage


About the Co-Authors

JACK KIEFFER is a freelance writer and owner of Autism Plugged In and Cool Gizmo Toys.  He’s been published on sites like Technabob, Walyou, GeekAlerts, and others, and is a huge fan of R.O.B – He is the defense leader for his Order, and has learned a lot from working with Lucarda, the brains behind the operation.



LUCARDA would prefer to go by Alucard in every game but has long since given up on that. There was a time that he could use the name Alucard in homage to hero of Castlevania Symphony of the Night and it was never taken. After the release and popularity of Hellsing he found himself unable to use the name anymore and instead developed the variation Lucarda by moving the ‘A’ to the end.

He is a Rage of Bahamut master and owner of the Rage of Bahmut Guide blog, which has received over 1 million pageviews since its inception.  If it is related to the game, this guy knows about it.



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If you’re not satisfied that Rage of Bahamut: The Essential Guide is helping your game within 60 days, just let us know, and we’ll refund your money in full.

That’s how confident we are that this guide will help you become a more skilled player.



  • Can I read this guide on my computer?  Yes.  Those who purchase this guide will be sent a PDF version of the guide.  This PDF version is suitable for reading on a computer via Adobe Reader as well as many other PDF reading devices.
  • Can I print the guide?  Yes.  Once you download the PDF version, you can print it for your personal use.
  • Is there a hard cover version?  Unfortunately not — we only do eBook guides at this time.
  • Got questions or Need help?  If you have any problems with the purchase or the download, simply contact our friendly support staff.  Please include your PayPal email address (if you have already made a purchase).


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Disclaimer:  This product is not an official guide.  The copyright to Rage of Bahamut belongs to © DeNA and © (C)Cygames, inc.