Clean Toothbrush Zapi

Perfect Teeth Start With A Clean Toothbrush

Do You Want Perfect Teeth? Hey, we all cringe a bit with the thought of germs crawling on our toothbrush.  But, it seems like everyone is obsessed with having perfect teeth. We shell out thousands of dollars for tooth whitening strips, custom whitening trays, teeth cleaning gadgets, and years of orthodontics!  If your goal is… 

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blinq iphone universal remote

With the BlinQ, you can be lazy for less!  The BlinQ application is free, and is available for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.  The actual device, called the Q IR Blaster, is only $10 and plugs straight into your headphone jack.  Once you have successfully installed these two components, you can begin your transformation into… 

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tower defense lost earth

Hey all, I’ve been hearing that since Com2us has tried to copyright the term “Tower Defense,” they are nasty little hobbits.  I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and do the review on their app, Tower Defense: Lost Earth.  If there is serious truth to this rumor, leave a comment and… 

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neuron rebellion bungalo and knot

Neuron Rebellion sock dolls are hilarious and have a good cause behind them.  Each one of these dolls was created by a woman named Pat, who suffers from a mobility disease.  She needs to stay in bed, and the only thing she can do is create these sock dolls, which are manifestations of her debilitated… 

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evoluent vertical mouse

Look, I’m all for ergonomic computer mouses and keyboards, but the Evoluent Vertical Mouse takes things a bit too far.  This computer accessory stands straight up and has a “comfortable thumb rest” and side buttons that you can easily click.  Just use a normal mouse and stop whining.     The Evoluent Vertical mouse looks… 

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facebook phones

People waste their lives on Facebook and have a great time doing it.  Look!  I just bought a pound of oranges!  I had better tell all of my friends, and that forty-year-old guy from Arizona, that I got a great deal!  Now, there are three amazing Facebook phones that can help you network with your… 

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seo post

Hi readers,   I have just posted a guest post about Google SEO and traffic levels – I would really appreciate if you shared this post on social media and voted for it. Thanks,   Jack Kieffer Cool Gizmo Toys Owner  

bonsai wearing sweater

People (hippies and tree huggers) always say that trees have feelings and that you need to hug a plant if you hit it or throw something at it.  Well, plant-lovers, why didn’t you think of this idea?  If trees have feelings, then don’t you think they would be cold, standing outside naked?  That is precisely… 

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wildfire s

We all know how good Apple is when it comes to creating the hype and buzz around its products. HTC doesn’t seem as interested in creating much hullabaloo, but its products are not lesser than Apple’s in any way – quite often, we see Apple and HTC neck and neck. That’s precisely the reason why… 

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tapnav gps app bad idea

  Since everyone loved the ostrich sleeping pillow post, I have decided to write another post totally ripping on a product that I find to be strange.  Before, it was a pillow that suffocates you and causes robberies.  Now, it is an iPhone app that helps people who can’t see which way the road is… 

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Hello readers, In case you were wondering if we are Dofollow, we recently have become dofollow so that you guys can get some juicy links back to your site.  I also wanted to say that we have just enabled CommentLuv.  Why?  Because we love you.  Now, go out into Cool Gizmo Toys and comment your… 

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