3d twister rc car

3D Twister Remote Control Car by Silverlit Hands On Review

First of all, I need to tell you that this is a sponsored post.  As in, they sent me the 3D Twister and let me play with it and keep it.  Fortunately for you, it takes a lot more than a remote control car to buy my opinions.  Give me somewhere around $7,000 and I’ll tell it on the mountains.  ”Tell what on the mountains?”  I DON’T CARE – ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO.  Main points we covered: sponsored post, will tell …

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how to Burglar-Proof your stash of cash infographic

How To Burglar-Proof Your Stash of Cash [Infographic]

Following this optimal keyword placement of How To Burglar-Proof Your Stash of Cash Infographic, there will be an awesome in-post intro/overture/introture/I wouldn’t know since I sleep through orchestra concerts.  Here in the United States of America, people are scared.  Are we being attacked by a horde of giant ants?  ARE WE RUNNING OUT OF ICE CREAM?  ”Don’t say that it’s true!”  No – people are scared because we’re in an economic crisis, and Obama just left on a 10 day vacation.  Because …

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rc helicopter

Why Buy an RC Helicopter?

RC helicopters seem to be an unlikely gift for many RC Toy enthusiasts. They don’t have the tradition, nor the following of cars. They can’t be used in a pool, like RC boats. However, this much-underrated remote control toy has a very loyal following, and for good reason. RC helicopters are, by far, the most versatile and capable remote control vehicles on the market. In many ways, RC helicopters exceed the abilities of their human-steered counterparts. Unlike a regular helicopter, RC helicopters …

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air swimmers balloon shark fish

Air Swimmers Remote Control Shark and Clownfish Balloons

Air Swimmers are cleverly designed remote control balloons that look like they’re swimming in mid air.  Unlike other flying RC toys, the Air Swimmers are propelled only by their tails/fins/triangular pieces of plastic that wave back and forth to simulate swimming action.  These two creatures aren’t available commercially yet, but they should be sometime in September.  Update:  These two creatures are available NOW on eBay! BUY Air Swimmers on eBay Then, we can rent them out to those people who have lame …

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Terrific Gadgets For Parents and Other Family Members

What parent or grandparent or aunt or…well, you get the idea…wouldn’t like some labor-saving gadgets to help around the house? Geared toward impact from infants to toddlers to just plain forgetful parents, these labor-saving, sanity-saving gadgets for parents just might make your life a little easier. Cleanwater Infant Bathtub and Spout Cover     Bathing babies has oft tipped parenting frustration meters near the red zone. Just as you get your infant and you comfortable—oops, there goes Baby Biological Function, and the …

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15 tips to better email etiquette infographic

15 Tips To Better Email Etiquette [Infographic]

I know that I just did a post on an infographic, but I needed to share the 15 Tips To Better Email Etiquette Infographic.  As a blogger, writing emails to people is part of my job.  After taking a look at the 15 Tips To Better Email Etiquette, I understand why people are getting mad at me when I mark my chain emails as urgent.  Look, unless ten people open the e-mail I sent them, I’m going to die at midnight.  That …

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What To Do If Your Smart Phone is Lost or Stolen This Travel Season?

The Ultimate Travel Companion Scoot aside travel buddy, iPhones have now become the essential travel partner. The rise of the smartphone has completely changed tourism as we know it. Instead of relying on your co-pilot to give you directions, you just whip out the map on your phone. Put away the foreign language translator, because you can do that on your phone. Why bother asking the locals for a good restaurant recommendation when you can just Yelp the top-rated restaurant in town? …

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twitter statistics infographic

Twitter Statistics and Fun Facts [Infographic]

The Twitter Statistics and Fun Facts Infographic was perfect for me, since I’m not a big fan of Facebook and I really only use Twitter and Google Plus for all of my social media needs.  I feel feminine knowing that the majority of Twitter users are female, but I think what really brought on the feeling is the fact that I just wasted half an hour looking at Touch Agency’s wildlife photography section.  (They’re the creators of this cool Twitter Infographic.)  You …

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