GameCube Controllers For Wii U: Best Thing At E3

gamecube controllers for wii u

I, along with all of my friends, have been complaining about the Wii U’s lack of GameCube-controller-compatibility.  At this year’s E3, a beautiful thing has been unveiled: GameCube controllers for Wii U!  This confirms that Nintendo has not decided to just ruin the Smash Bros. series with their “innovations” that no one ever seems to… 

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nook colors

What Is The Nook Color? An Overview of The e-Reader

Nook Color.  A new phenomenon has stricken the world, and it is…  an e-reader?  I thought nobody liked to read? What is the Nook Color, anyway?  This device has redefined the e-reader universe by introducing several key features and design aspects that had not before been seen in this field of commerce.  You may still… 

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Guys, I give you great posts and I teach you the ways of the geek.  The least you could do is give me all of your money.  The second least you could do is subscribe, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.  Or, you could just share some posts that you like on… 

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brickcase lego builder iphone

The Best iPhone 4 BrickCase Creations

The BrickCase for iPhone 4, by SmallWorks, turns your iPhone into a blank canvas on which you can dump your wonderful lego-related ideas.  In more understandable terms, “the case, like, let’s you, like, put, like, legos on it and stuff, you know?”  These are the best functional and aesthetic creations for the iPhone 4 BrickCase…. 

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terrafugia flying car

Terrafugia Flying Car – Eat My Dust, Traffic

Have you ever wished while stuck in traffic that you could just fly? Well, this dream may become a reality in the very near feature with a flying car. Terrafugia is currently developing a car that can transform into a plane in just 30 seconds, and will soon begin selling their bi-terrain vehicle. As a… 

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iphone controlled rc copter

iRemoco RC Helicopter Is Controlled by iPhone, iPod, or iPad

The A.R. Parrot Drone has made quite a splash, but that thing is $250.  I make that off of Cool Gizmo Toys about every ten years.  (Just kidding, things aren’t that bad, but it would help if you subscribed here and got the latest gadget and toy news.)  The iRemoco RC helicopter is going to… 

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tlc boss bumblebee cake

Transformers Bumblebee Cake of Epic Proportions – Like A Boss

You’ve probably seen a thousand transformer cakes online, and perhaps some of them were respectable.  I guarantee you that you have not seen anything like the Bumblebee Cake by Buddy Valastro.  Weighing in at 1,500 pounds, this thing is a monster.     Bumblebee Cake: Transformers     This giant Bumblebee cake was made by… 

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branch holder

Branch Holder – Piece of Rubber That Turns Sticks Into Swords

The branch holder, a piece of rubber that will make your kid feel like he has a toy sword, makes me sad.  Do you want to know why it makes me sad?  It proves that people are about as imaginative as a patch of moss.  Hey, dude!  Guess what?  I got this piece of rubber… 

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apple sues samsung galaxy s

Is Apple Right To Sue? A Look At The Samsung Products Involved

I must preface this post by saying that I love Apple.  I buy Apple products, I like Apple products, I eat apples regularly, it’s all good.  You know what they say – spend your money at Apple once a day in order to keep Steve Jobs from ending the world indefinitely.  Wait… that doesn’t sound… 

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snail sink

The Snail Sink – The Backstory is Ridiculous

The snail sink, developed by High Tech, is a sink that appears to be a fossil of some prehistoric snail-like creature.  What you didn’t know when you bought this sink was that High Tech stumbled upon it while making a great journey across the deserts of Egypt.  The journeymen found a giant snail laying atop… 

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mehandi henna app

Mehandi – Henna and Tattoos Design App

  People have started searching for the things that can be easily found and are more affordable in accordance with their needs. Moreover, they need these kinds of solutions at their hand at any time. I am talking about the people, especially girls, searching for iPhone and Android apps for day to day work.  Generally,… 

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