ooShirts Prints Custom T-Shirts With a Hint of Awesome

Custom t-shirts are an awesome way to advertise your business, give somebody a personalized holiday gift, or just create an awesome design!  ooShirts prints quality t-shirts, tanks, and more at quality prices and with quality materials.     I was given the chance to order a few t-shirts customized with the CGT logo for free, and I loved the results!  Not only did it look great, the shirt was very comfortable to wear. You just go onto ooShirts’ website and use their …

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linx video communicators

Linx Video Communicators Are One of The Hottest Spy Toys Of This Year

From the creators of the Xplorer comes the Linx Video Communicators – two devices that can bring fun to any holiday season!  The adults want some time upstairs to relax and blather on about nothing, so why not shove these in the hands of your little ones and watch their eyes light up as they run off to be out of your hair and having a great time? I was fortunate enough to be sent a set of these spy toys for …

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Research Proves That My Little Pony Is A Good Show

RESEARCH Suggests That Bronies Aren’t Crazy: The Numbers of My Little Pony

  As much as some of us may scratch our heads at this growing phenomenon of “bronies,” the research shows that these fans may not have awful taste after all.  The idea of ponies having little masculinity is one that is slowly changing as society alters its ideals, and the numbers of My Little Pony show that the show has an incredibly large base of fans that is growing every day. Note that this article is based solely upon facts – I personally …

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how to get holy powder in rage of bahamut

How To Get Holy Powder In Rage Of Bahamut: Make An Easy 30 HP

  This guide will teach you how to get holy powder in Rage of Bahamut easily, and without having to spend hours mashing buttons and supporting top players. Note that you can also read our post on ten Rage of Bahamut tips for all levels of players as well as our write-up on the best defense cards that Rage of Bahamut has to offer. With the new trading system that Mobage has implemented, it can be hard to get holy powder quickly …

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xplorer rc spy toy

EyeSpy Xplorer Rover Conquers Rough Terrain, Records Video, and is Tons of Fun!

Know a little kid who loves spy gear?  Have a nephew that’s into technology and remote control toys?  The EyeSpy Xplorer is for you!  I had the privilege of being sent one of these beauties from the creators for the purpose of writing a review, and I must say that it was an exciting day when I received it in the mail!  I feel like a pudgier version of the iconic spy heroes that populate all of today’s major feature films! The Rover …

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cheeto macarons

Cheeto Macarons: The Perfect Combination of Elegant and Cheesy

  Macarons are fancy – there’s less doubt about that than there is about Jacob Marley being dead, and there’s no doubt about that.  Cheetos are for flabby men in reclining chairs, but when combined with macarons, they become something much more.  These Cheeto Macarons are not only delicious, they’re innovative.  I bet they taste like puffy cheetos with frosting on them, because that taste is exquisite. Simon Tung, this random man who happens to own a macaron shop, decided that Cheeto …

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adventure time plush

New Adventure Time Plushes Available At ThinkGeek!

  We’ve seen some Adventure Time plushes with Finn and Jake, but now’s the chance of us hardcore Adventure Time fans to really get down to business in terms of expressing our love for the show. Never before have we been able to get official Lumpy Space Princess plushes from ThinkGeek – now that they’re there, though, how could you resist picking one up?  And squeezing it?  Oh, Ice King, you make my heart melt!  Oh, Ice King, you make my heart melt! – …

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Getting Gracious with Geeks: 10 Geeky Items to Geekify Your Turkey Day

  Gather round, geeks and nerds alike, as it’s the beginning of the holiday season! Before you rush off to do any early Christmas shopping and start constantly playing Crosby or Sinatra 24/7, let’s not forget we have one more holiday to go before Christmas. That’s right, folks, I’m talking Turkey Day. Thanksgiving tends to get overlooked by people a lot of the time, probably because stores aren’t consistently pushing Thanksgiving decorations on us two months in advance and there’s not really …

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