sw50 soundwave bluetooth speaker

SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker: Bass At Its Finest

I was recently sent a SoundWave SW50 bluetooth speaker by GearZap for testing, and I love it. I needed a new speaker to blast my music, since my other one runs on archaic batteries and would cut out whenever the lower frequencies became too powerful.  (And, as I am an EDM fan, this really was a problem). The SoundWave SW50 bluetooth speaker is one-fourth of the size of my other speaker, looks awesome, uses bluetooth connectivity, and sounds incredible! If you ever …

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vea buddy touchscreen watch

VEA Buddy Bluetooth Touchscreen Watch [Indiegogo]

We’ve seen some cool concepts when it comes to touchscreen watches, but we’ve never seen something that is practical and is being put into action. Sure, you can get one of those “watch phones” for $400 +, but nobody wants to talk to their wrist, because everyone already owns a regular phone. That’s where the VEA Buddy Bluetooth Touchscreen Watch comes in.  It’s approach is unique in that, instead of trying to replace your phone, as many of these projects do, it …

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inside 3 puzzle cube ulule

Inside3 Marble Labyrinth: Face The Darkness [Ulule]

If you’re someone who enjoys puzzles and innovative ideas, you’ve come to the right webpage. The Inside3 team has created a box that holds all of your fears and puts your mind to the test – can you successfully navigate through total darkness and use the provided labyrinth layouts to make your way through the cube?     The above picture gives a quick glimpse at the different types of layouts that will be available once the project is funded on Ulule.  …

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habitrpg kickstarter

Turn Your Life Into a Video Game With HabitRPG [Kickstarter]

You’re excellent when it comes to video games, so why does it seem like real life is beating you down? All of your Minecraft creations are exquisitely complex, and everyone admires your LoL account, but it just doesn’t seem like life does what you tell it to.  (My dog doesn’t even do what I tell it to, though, so don’t feel bad.)     The description says it all – succeed in life using the abilities that you’ve garnered through endless hours …

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rage of bahamut guide ebook

Rage Of Bahamut: The Essential Guide [eBook] – Learn Winning Strategies

New eBook: Rage of Bahamut The Essential Guide Today we’re launching a new eBook, and it’s something that we’ve been working on for a long time now – Rage of Bahamut: The Essential Guide. Want to get that SR / SSR card you’ve been eyeing up without paying any money?  Then, you need our pro guide! This ebook was written in collaboration with Lucarda, owner of the Rage of Bahamut Guide. His blog is the go-to resource for Rage of Bahamut tips …

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petite square wooden speaker

Petite Square Blasts Your Beats With Its 50,000 Year Old Wood

I was always one to marvel at the age of things – the dinosaur fossils that they store in the museum, the mammoth skeletons that they store in the museum, and the fossils of your gramma that they store in the museum have all been awe-inspiring to me.  (OOOHHHH YOU JUST GOT SERVED SOME ETHNIC DISH THAT WAS SO SPICY YOU COULDN’T EVEN EAT IT).     The point is that I can blast my EDM out of a piece of wood …

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affordable rc heli

Affordable RC Heli: Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter Hands-On Review

Disclaimer (but it’s funny, so it’s worth reading): I was sent the Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter by Heli-Max for review, and I am a biased man.  I am also a man who says whatever he wants whenever he wants, and is not swayed by gifts and giant wooden horses.  I would have rejected the Trojan Horse, as I had already completed my collection of antique, giant wooden animals.  Greed was the source of the infamous defeat, and that’s why we should all love …

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hapi fork controls overeating

HAPIfork Stops You From Overeating By Tickling Your Hands

  A Fork has always been considered to be the right-hand man of obesity – a tool that assists in the destruction of your body. One second you’re the town jogger, the next you’re being rolled down the street like a giant blueberry.  Kids will set up ramps at the bottom of hills and see how high they can launch you.  You will become the world’s physics experiment … Unless, of course, you use the HAPIfork – the fork that controls overeating. …

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