bacon lollipops

Bacon Lollipops With Bacon Bits

  These Bacon Lollipops with bacon bits are different from that other, less bacon-themed bacon lollipop that we saw earlier on Cool Gizmo Toys.  Not only do these geeky treats look like bacon, they are infused with real pieces of bacon!  No more of that artificial bacon taste – now you can have your bacon and eat it too!  Without fear of getting some kind of weird chemical poisoning from the things on the ingredients label that you’ve never heard of!  Well, …

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hot dog earbuds

Hot Dog Earbuds Geeky Product Review

  The Hot Dog Earbuds were provided to me by FunSlurp – your source for geeky pleasures like these wonderful headphones! Since these headphones are shaped like hot dogs, they were automatically awesome in my eyes – I wasn’t very concerned with comfort, sound quality, or if they could kill me.  (Luckily, it turns out that they are reasonable, and you should be able to talk them out of killing you.  There are odd cases, but you should be fine.) I put …

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Car Eyelashes

Gift For A Geek Girl: Car Eyelashes

  The Car Eyelashes are geeky add-ons for your car and are the perfect gift for a geek girl in your life.  Even if you don’t drive the flashy BMW shown above, you’re a geek and proud – you want to stand out among a crowd.  The Car Eyelashes let you do just that – add a bit of a feminine element to any vehicle!  If you’re a guy, it’s manly because cars are supposed to be female.  (That’s just the way …

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cardinal mask geeky

Cardinal Mask Is A Geeky Bird Mask

  The Cardinal Mask is pretty great – and like some of the other masks that we’ve featured here on Cool Gizmo Toys, it’s pretty weird.  But, we often dismiss weird things as not worthy of our eyes, and we miss opportunities. Example A: I found the idea of baked macaroni and cheese to be odd, so I did not try baked macaroni and cheese.  If I did, I would have loved it and eaten it every day for the rest of …

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skyrim sneak t-shirt

Skyrim Sneak T-Shirt: Geeky Fashion

  The Skyrim Sneak T-Shirt is a piece of geeky fashion that none of us want to pass up.  Everybody knows that you’ve been sitting in your basement playing Skyrim for a couple of days straight – your eyes are bloodshot, your thumbs are swollen stumps, and your dog is wearing a crocheted Whiterun soldier outfit.  (Apparently you learned a new talent besides making iron daggers to get level 100 smithing.) This t-shirt is glow-in-the dark, and double sided.  When someone is …

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bacon tie

Bacon Tie

  The Bacon Tie is a wonderful piece of geeky fashion that would be great for any meat buff.  Are you a man?  Do you have what it takes to look lean in a fatty meat?  If you’ve attained that level of manhood already, then you’re ready for the next step… the Bacon Necktie. This polyester creation is great for very important business meetings when you have to make a good impression.  (Not really, unless you know that the guy who is …

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mustache magnets

Mustache Magnets Geeky Product Review

  The Mustache Magnets were provided to me by the geeky FunSlurp store, and are little bits of geek fun that can be applied to other things in your life to add a bit of geek chic style. Your boyfriend looking kind of bland?  Just stick one of these over his picture on the refrigerator to get your motor turning – nothing makes a man like his mustache. Your friend’s girlfriend looking incredibly hot on her picture on his refrigerator?  Put a …

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geeky easter eggs

Top 14 Geeky Easter Eggs: Pokemon, Star Wars, TARDIS, And More

This list of the top 14 geeky easter eggs will give you some great eye candy, as well as some ideas for your own easter egg creations.  The best of the internet has been compiled into the list below: we have Pokemon easter eggs, Star Wars easter eggs, Mario easter eggs, and whatever else you could think of! Geeky Pokemon Easter Eggs   These geeky Pokemon easter eggs were created by a user by the name of Lanini on DeviantArt.  These are …

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