BMO Teapot

BMO Teapot For Tea Addicts Who Also Enjoy Adventure Time

Adventure Time is one of the greatest animated shows ever to have been animated, so it is only right that one of its most loved characters would be made into a teapot. BMO is a friend to all and an enemy to none who are not his enemies.  Instead of telling you all about this man so that you can better understand how awesome the BMO Teapot is, I’ll just let you learn from this convenient and informative .gif, which should be …

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bluetooth speaker cube

$50 Uncommon Goods Gift Card Giveaway!

Hey, friends! Want to win a $50 Uncommon Goods Gift Card? (Check out Uncommon Goods here if you haven’t already!) Some of the coolest stuff that you could buy with this gift card: Here’s what you have to do to get in on this deal: How To Enter: Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below! a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck!

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adventure time sword

Adventure Time Sword That Finn Used To Hit The Baddies

This is the real sword used in the Adventure Time series and wielded by Finn, who was a real guy portrayed by another real guy named Finn. The above is a poorly thought-out series of bold-faced lies…let’s try again. This Adventure Time Sword from ThinkGeek is the one dubbed “Scarlet” in the video game. Please note that this two-foot long weapon is very dull and will not serve you well in your crime-fighting endeavors, but it’s perfect for putting on display or …

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magnetic metallic silly putty

Metallic Silly Putty Monsters Eating Snazzy Magnets

Silly putty is awesome, and most of the people who are familiar with geekdom and the random science that makes us happy have heard of or played with metallic silly putty.  When you put magnets in metallic silly putty, the pull of the magnets makes it seem like there is a gigantic putty monster that likes to feed on magnets, when in actuality its the magnet suffocating itself in putty monster.  Perspective is key. Anyway, some guy named Joey Shanks rightfully decided …

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japanese food tube

Japanese Food Tube: Make Everything A Push Pop

Push Pops are delicious, but they aren’t exactly meals.  When you’re on the go and needing something sustaining, why not eat it out of a tube? With the Smart Han Food Tube, you can create all of your favorite rice-covered snacks and eat them on the go! Excellent aspect of the product: as the picture so aptly demonstrates, even BREASTFEEDING A CHILD cannot slow down the powerful velocity of the Smart Han Food Tube!     Think about it any way you’d …

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carnivorous tree

Scientists Discover First Carnivorous Tree In Guyana, South America

While walking around in the Amazon Rainforest, trees aren’t usually something that you need to worry about.  Sure, there are spiders, beetles, beasts, and creepy crawlies, but never before has there been a carnivorous tree on the mind of tourists! But, don’t start worrying yet – Jeff Oakbren, the head of a group of dendrologists, has said that only slow, sessile, and small animals can become a victim to this carnivorous tree, which has been named salix babilonicarum.     Several trees …

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3d printing pen

The World’s First 3D Printing Pen: 3Doodler [Kickstarter]

3D printers are a cool concept, but who really knows how to use those things?  If your income is as low as mine, they’re really expensive, and you have to use engineering software, in most cases, in order to design the 3D object that you’re going to print out. The bottom line for 3D printers?  Sounds like a lot of HOOPLAH!  Sounds like a lot of HOOPLAH!  I SAID, IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF – HOOPLAH!  *Hit with a flying brick* …

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riot game

RIOT: Will You Be The Rioters Or The Enforcers? [Indiegogo]

RIOT is a game that was created for Android and iOS devices as well as PC and Mac.  This game is meant to draw attention to all of the unrest that is present in today’s world, especially in developing countries where freedoms aren’t a given, as they are in many of the places that we are used to. On another note, RIOT is fun.  Want to set things on fire, take down violent protestors, and just randomly smash windows?  This is for …

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