geeky bookends

14 Geeky Bookends For Your Home

Reading books is great and all, but these 14 geeky bookends reinforce the truth that books are only good for displaying in your home, and that reading them is pointless.  Why?  Because I’m cheap and just bought a bunch of books with no print in them to create the illusion of me being extremely erudite.  See how I used my incredible vernacular there?  It’s called internet access, and Thesaurus dot com for the win.  For the conquest.  For the triumph.  Okay, so …

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pickle bottlestopper

Pickle Bottle Stopper

  The Pickle Bottle Stopper is a geeky way to close up your wine bottles when you’re not using them to preserve the freshness.  It’s also helpful for wine bottles that have wine in them.  (What?)  This bottle stopper is shaped like a pickle, our third favorite food here at Cool Gizmo Toys – the first two being cupcakes and bacon. Don’t buy extra corks or try to use old ones; when the bottle’s not being used, just stick a green, bumpy …

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giant cola bottle gummy

Giant Gummy Cola Bottle Candy

  The Giant Cola Bottle candy is guaranteed to make you sick if you try to eat all of it in one sitting.  You know those small, reasonable cola candies that are filled with the delicious soda-flavored sugar confection?  Yeah, well somebody recognized the growing “size” of the world and decided to create the Giant Gummy Cola Bottle. One of these honkin’ mommas is equivalent to 120 cola candies that have been put into my magic Make-it-Large-Inator.  Note to self… never put …

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angry birds flash drives

Angry Birds Flash Drives

  The Angry Birds Flash Drives from Firebox are yet another example of how much people love Angry Birds.  There have been countless different manifestations of these zany birds, and it is apparent now that these geeky gifts will keep coming, simply because people keep buying them. You can get one of these cute Angry Birds Flash Drives in the yellow variety, red variety, white variety, or the king piggy variety. I have to warn those of you who were thinking of choosing the …

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emergency inflatable brain

Emergency Inflatable Brain

  The Emergency Inflatable Brain is really quite a handy geeky product.  While it may not give you that extra limb when you’re rock climbing or being attacked by the elf hordes, this brain will give you the wit you need to come out on top in a difficult situation. Two brains is better than one – so with your meek brain and this incredibly powerful carbon dioxide-filled brain, you should be able to solve any problem! Picture this: you’re at an …

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subbuteo mini soccer

Subbuteo Mini Soccer Game

  Subbuteo is everybody’s favorite British game!  This very large set is for playing mini soccer – kind of like ping pong, except with soccer.  Actually, the only thing that ping pong and Subbuteo have in common is that they are both miniature versions of something – Subbuteo is actually much closer to air hockey.  And Mini Me is the closest to all of them, since he is a miniature version of something and has won the office air hockey championship three …

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star wars folded flyers paper starfighters

Star Wars Folded Flyers Paper Airplanes

  The Star Wars Folded Flyers are wonderful paper airplanes that not only fly extremely far and fast, they look like your favorite starships.  There are six different spaceship designs included, and you get five of each design.  That comes to a total of 30 paper airplanes even the most simple-minded of people can make! The designs included are the X-Wing, Y-Wing, Tie-Fighter, Jedi Starship, Millenium Falcon, and one more that I can’t seem to find.  There are six, though, trust me. …

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rainbow pencil and eraser set

Rainbow Pencil and Eraser Set

  The Rainbow Pencil and Eraser Set is bound to bring some geeky cheer to any office space!  This set of pencils gives you color without forcing you to write with un-erasable, un-proffessional colored pencils.  In fact, these rainbow pencils encourage you to make mistakes by giving you the giant cloud eraser!  Everyone knows that rainbows come from the small children who live in clouds, so it’s only appropriate that the eraser be cloud shaped.  ”There are no children in the clouds.” …

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