Cool Star Wars Bookend For Geeks

Star Wars Bookends Are Cool Ideas for DIY Home Decorators

    Star Wars Logo Bookends: Use The Force To Display Books and Videos Hey Luke Skywalker fans! These are the Star Wars Bookends you have been looking for, or maybe you just stumbled onto this Cool Gizmo Toys page . . .  In any case (especially book case), you might like to check out… 

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mustache wall clock

Mustache Wall Clock

  The Mustache Wall Clock is the perfect clock for any geeky not-humble abode!  You can hang it anywhere you want, and the mustache will keep track of time for you.  Of course, you could buy a digital clock or a clock with numbers on it, but I prefer clocks that make it really difficult to… 

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zombie eyes sleep mask

Zombie Eyes Sleep Mask

  With the Zombie Eyes Sleep Mask, scaring the annoying guy sitting next to you on the plane isn’t so hard!  He wants to talk about things, you don’t.  He wants to share pretzels with you, and you’re sure not sharing any of yours with him.  What do you do?  Put on the Zombie Eyes… 

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geeky bacon products

Top 16 Geeky Bacon Gifts

Bacon is the pinnacle of geekiness, so I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 16 geeky bacon gifts of ALL TIME.  I hope you enjoy the list – each one is either linked to a review that I’ve done or to a source from which you can buy the product.  From frosting to… 

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rainbow in my room nightlight

Rainbow In My Room Nightlight

Rainbow in My Room Nightlight is a Rainbow Without the Rain The Rainbow In My Room Nightlight is a great way to light up a dark bedroom for the mini geeks who are still afraid of the monster hiding under their bed.  How many times have we told them that the monster won’t hurt them?… 

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fat cat salt and pepper shakers

Fat Cat Salt And Pepper Shakers

Image Via Perpetual Kid Fat Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers prove that nothing is more adorable than a coruplent cat, wouldn’t you agree?  A fat feline is just what I need in the morning to start sneezing and turning red, since I’m allergic to those animals.  Do you like all of my alliterations?  If you… 

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keep calm and grow a mustache

Keep Calm And Grow A Mustache T-Shirt

  The Keep Calm And Grow A Mustache Shirt from KeepCalmTShirts contains some solid advice that’s pretty easy to follow.  In fact, the only thing you have to do to follow the instructions printed on this shirt is take a bunch of nyquil and sleep for days on end.  Then, when you wake up, you’ll look… 

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star wars podracer 3d glasses

Star Wars Podracer 3D Glasses

  Star Wars Podracer 3D Glasses are exactly what you need for the upcoming Phantom Menace 3D release in theaters.  Why would you wear the basic, provided 3D glasses?  That just shows how much less of a fan you are than the guys wearing Star Wars Bath Robes and wielding Pool Noodle and Duct Tape… 

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Bacon floss

Bacon Floss

  Bacon Floss by Accoutrements is the greatest invention since bacon itself!  When you eat that deliciously fatty treat, bacon bits get stuck in your chompers, and then your hopes to woo the beautiful girl down the block are crushed.  They’re also crushed because you found out that you’re just a farm boy, and she’s an Italian… 

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UFO Cookie Jar

      The UFO Cookie Jar is the most scientific way to store your freshly baked cookies!  Of course, you could settle for a normal cookie jar, but that’s not why you’re here.  You’re here to sign up for the National Guard: Alien Watching Division!  “I am?”   *Cue misleading commercial with lots of women… 

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zelda triforce baseball cap

Zelda Triforce Baseball Cap

  The Zelda Triforce Baseball Cap is a less flagrant way of showing that you’re a Legend of Zelda fanatic.  Instead of wearing a green long hat that doesn’t complement your eyes, or carrying the burden of replica Hylian shields and Master Swords, you can just wear this geeky baseball cap.  It’s not much, but… 

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