Cool Star Wars Bookend For Geeks

Star Wars Bookends Are Cool Ideas for DIY Home Decorators

    Star Wars Logo Bookends: Use The Force To Display Books and Videos Hey Luke Skywalker fans! These are the Star Wars Bookends you have been looking for, or maybe you just stumbled onto this Cool Gizmo Toys page . . .  In any case (especially book case), you might like to check out… 

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geeky science series

Launch Of The Geeky Science Series: A Brief Introduction

  Hello, Cool Gizmo Toys community! I’m happy to announce the launch of the Geeky Science series, which is as momentous as it sounds! Today, this is the only post on the series that I will post, but for the next five days I am going to write an article on a geeky topic that… 

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how to avoid burning through your data limit on the new ipad

How To Avoid Burning Through Your Data Limit On the New iPad

When the new iPad was released, tablet fans were understandably very excited. Not only did it have a stunning Retina screen, but it was also going to be compatible with 4G LTE networks (at least in Canada and the US).  In other words, users could expect a very fast internet connection indeed.     But there was (and is)… 

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79Ci Shredder Fellowes

79Ci Shredder By #FellowesInc Makes Shredding Papers A High Tech Affair

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine. The disclosure tag above, my readers, just let’s you know that I am receiving compensation for this post: keep in mind that I will never try to con you into buying something that I do not think is… 

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geeky memes

Boba Fett Star Wars Meme: Geeky Memes Of The Week #2

Get ready to laugh, my readers, because we have here a couple of geeky memes that I myself really enjoyed.  This is the second installment of the series, so I hope you enjoy it!  Actually, that was a stupid thing to say, because I hope you enjoy all of them, but two seems to be… 

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how to come up with geeky macbook decal designs

How To Come Up With Geeky MacBook Decal Designs

You’ve seen geeky MacBook decal designs that make you laugh, cry, and turn green with jealousy. (Also, with that weird piece of radioactive goop you ate last night.) If you want to easily come up with your own great ideas for MacBook decals, then this is the perfect place to start! Once you’ve got a… 

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dog gadget

4 Amazing Dog Gadgets For Geeky Canines

You’re a human: gadget blogs everywhere spoil you. There are plenty of options for you to geek yourself out, and hundreds of online sources to throw your money at. (Folks, I would kindly ask that you bring all money throwing to me, Jack Kieffer. It’s a job that somebody has to do, and I have… 

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alternate ways to use and break the iphone

5 Alternate Uses For An iPhone That Will End In Disaster

You know plenty of legitimate ways to use an iPhone, but this post doesn’t care about that. No, this post cares about the ways which have disaster written all over them, the 5 alternate uses for an iPhone that will undoubtedly end in tragedy. Some of these are blatantly idiotic, and some of them seem… 

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which angry birds space bird are you?

Which New Angry Birds Space Bird Are You?

  Angry Birds Space is the newest version of the addicting original, which undoubtedly ruined countless lives and relationships. When it comes to personal identity, one of the things that should be in the forefront of your mind is when you’re going to cancel your credit card, since I stole it from your desk and… 

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lego brick cake

9 LEGO Cakes That Really Stack Up

Cake is delicious any way you have it, but wouldn’t a LEGO cake just taste that much better? These 9 LEGO Cakes really stack up nicely. You’ll find all kinds of delicious cake in this list, even cake pops and cupcakes! LEGO is a hot topic of geeks today, so enjoy these awesome baked creations!… 

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why apple named the ipad 3 the ipad

Why Apple Named The iPad 3 “The iPad” And Confused The World

So, you’ve heard about the new iPad, and in an attempt to sound smart, you went over to talk to all of your tech friends about it. The problem is, they disowned you when you used the phrase “iPad 3.” Why would they do such a thing? Because Apple has declared that this new device… 

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