iphone fan giveaway

GIVEAWAY! iPhone Fan To Cool Yourself Off On The Go

FunSlurp has been wonderful enough to provide me with the iPhone Fan geeky product, which I am ready to now give to a lucky winner!  The iPhone Fan just plugs into your iPhone on the bottom and allows you to have a portable fan wherever you are – no need to buy a separate device!  This geeky product doesn’t drain your battery like you would expect it to, and it actually provides a pretty powerful airflow!  (I tried it out for you …

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the medical science behind taking an arrow in the knee

GS#5: The Medical Science Behind Taking An Arrow In The Knee

Welcome to Geeky Science installment number five, and please don’t be angry with me for missing my post yesterday – I am a human being (WHAT?) and had a giant essay to write yesterday.  ”Why didn’t you start three weeks ago when you got the prompt?”  Because I’m a guy.     This post is going to focus on the medical science behind taking an arrow in the knee, and, unlike the other posts in the Geeky Science, series, which can be …

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google project glass flop or success reader response

Will Google’s Project Glass Be A Success Or A Flop? [Reader Response]

Hi gang – here’s a new reader response post for you guys to interact with – I’m really hoping to get some strong responses in the comments below on this one.  Google just recently announced Project Glass, which is a pair of augmented reality glasses that will be able to do all sorts of cool things. If you don’t know what Project Glass is, check out a post that I wrote on its features.     What do you guys think – …

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geeky meme

Geeky Memes of The Week #3

Welcome to Geeky Memes of The Week #3!  Huzzah!  Since you guys probably got tired of my taste after the two weeks, I had my colleague pick these three funny memes for you guys, but I’m going to take all of the credit.  I FOUND ALL OF THEM!  What now, security services on quickmeme that won’t let me save it as a JPG?  WHAT NOW?  You can’t stop me – I’m like Greg Jennings.  ”You probably just went to a different site.” …

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can we re-create r2-d2 geeky science

GS#4: Do We Have The Technology To Re-Create R2-D2?

Hello!  Welcome to Geeky Science #4, which will focus on whether or not we have the technology to re-create R2-D2.  If you missed one of the prior three posts, or just got here via Google, you can visit the introduction page for easy navigation between all of the posts!   What Makes R2-D2 Special? So, why do we geeks have an obsession with R2-D2?  What makes him so special compared to other tiny moving robots?  R2-D2 is an astromech droid, but I …

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geek clock

Geek Clock Gives Time An Aspect Of Exclusivity: Product Review

  Geek Clock The Geek Clock makes it so that only your closest, most intelligent friends will be able to tell the time.  Before the Geek Clock came along, everyone who stepped into your house had the leisure of looking at your clocks and being able to tell the time, and most of them also knew the combination to the padlock you put on your bathroom door.  (What?)  Now, only the most sophisticated geeky individuals (or the ones that can count the …

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are lightsabers real

GS#3: Are Lightsabers Scientifically Unrealistic?

Welcome to the third installment of the Geeky Science series!  This post will focus on the topic of lightsabers: are lightsabers real?  Does physics allow us the ability to create these weapons of fiction?  Can we get light to behave in such a concentrated way that we can slay battle droids and block blaster bolts with ease?  Find out, and learn a couple of things along the way, geeky Cool Gizmo Toys community! What Is A Lightsaber, Really? To understand whether or …

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geeky science

GS#2: Is It Scientifically Possible To Climb Walls Like Spiderman?

Here’s your second serving for the Geeky Science meal course, my friends, and I hope you enjoy it!  This post is going to focus on the question of whether or not it is scientifically possible to climb walls like Spiderman – can we be the heroic man in red and blue spandex, or will he always be only in our dreams?  Read on to find out! Climb Walls Like Spiderman   How Spiders Climb Walls If we’re going to have Spiderman-like climbing …

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