GameCube Controllers For Wii U: Best Thing At E3

gamecube controllers for wii u

I, along with all of my friends, have been complaining about the Wii U’s lack of GameCube-controller-compatibility.  At this year’s E3, a beautiful thing has been unveiled: GameCube controllers for Wii U!  This confirms that Nintendo has not decided to just ruin the Smash Bros. series with their “innovations” that no one ever seems to… 

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why apple named the ipad 3 the ipad

Why Apple Named The iPad 3 “The iPad” And Confused The World

So, you’ve heard about the new iPad, and in an attempt to sound smart, you went over to talk to all of your tech friends about it. The problem is, they disowned you when you used the phrase “iPad 3.” Why would they do such a thing? Because Apple has declared that this new device… 

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desktop office toy

5 Desktop Office Toys That Will Make Your Workplace Less Stressful

You go to work every day and sit in that same small space – that gray jail cell that we like to call “the cubicle.” With these 5 desktop office toys you’ll be able to make work a happier place for yourself and those who get paid to deal with you. Honestly, nobody likes to… 

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why do geeks like mustaches

Why Do Geeks Like Mustaches? [Reader Response]

Since we all know that I have an entire category devoted to mustaches, we also all know that there is a huge geeky following of this topic.  My question is… why?  I know that mustaches are awesome, you know that mustaches are awesome, but what is the reason behind the geeky love that we have… 

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geeky pinners to follow on pinterest

7 Geeky Pinners To Follow On Pinterest

You’re finally on Pinterest, that budding social networking platform that everybody’s talking about, but now what?  You’re pinning some awesome content that you find on the web, but why don’t you get anything good showing up on your front page?  These 7 geeky pinners put up some cool pics that you can marvel at, and… 

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how to explain schrodinger's cat

How To Easily Explain The Schrodinger’s Cat Experiment To Your Friends

So, you’re wearing a Schrodinger’s cat t-shirt like the one shown below, and your friend asks you what it depicts.  You groan on the inside, because you don’t really know how to quickly and concisely explain to your buddy the experiment of Schrodinger’s cat.  But, as a friend, it is your duty to do so… 

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giant easter egg

Giant Easter Egg Transforms Easter Egg Hunts Into Epic Events

  The Giant Easter Egg goes where no chocolate egg has gone before, and dares to make itself as big and bold as the people who will be eating it.  The best way to eat a whale?  One bite at a time.  But only after you’ve finished this 5.5 pound mass of chocolate by following… 

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geeky zombie survival tips

10 Tips To Keep Your Brain Uneaten In A Zombie Apocalypse [Geeky Humor]

The zombie apocalypse is going to be upon us, whether you received the email notification or not.  Look – only a select few of us were placed on the list of people who got emails, and that’s only because they tricked us into thinking that they were transferring their accounts overseas.  (Turns out not all… 

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geeky meme

Geeky Memes Of The Week #1

Since this is the first edition of Geeky Memes Of the Week, I wanted to give a quick explanation.  From now until the day I die or change my mind, there will be a weekly post on a couple of (what I think are the) funniest geeky memes of the week.  So, without further ado,… 

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geeky coasters

Nothing Makes A Tea Party Like A Geeky Coaster

So you’ve probably already got your extensive tea set. Who hasn’t? Floral tea pot? Check. Matching tea cups? Check. Matching sugar bowl and milk jug? Check and check! Not to mention the cake plates, the cake slice and those special forks with the conjoined prongs on one side that make it look like a little… 

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10 3d printed items

Made With 3D Printing: 10 Nifty and Useful Things

3D printing has received a lot of press recently and rightly so. This innovative way of designing and then printing objects means that many people may soon be able to produce 3D artwork and household items at home without the need of a third party (ie. shop). Here are some great examples of 3D printing at… 

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