Clean Toothbrush Zapi

Perfect Teeth Start With A Clean Toothbrush

Do You Want Perfect Teeth? Hey, we all cringe a bit with the thought of germs crawling on our toothbrush.  But, it seems like everyone is obsessed with having perfect teeth. We shell out thousands of dollars for tooth whitening strips, custom whitening trays, teeth cleaning gadgets, and years of orthodontics!  If your goal is… 

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  The Sony Rolly is a music playing robot that dances and flaps its “wings” to the beat.     You can also use the software that comes with the Rolly to program precise movements and LED color changes throughout its six motors and two large LED lights to go along with your music.  Only… 

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robot art

Robot art is sort of cool, but I’m trying to find some good robot stuff to blog on and I see a cool robot, so I click on the picture.  Then the site tells me, oh, it’s just a fake robot that doesn’t exist.  It gets frustrating.  But, I guess robot art did give me… 

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Sorry for posting on that. 02 Cocoon cell phone doesn't come in black.  That phone in the previous post is a Samsung.  My apologies.  02 Cocoon's company should sue them for copyright infringement because those phones look exactly the same and have similar specs.


The G108 Watch Phone is a cool concept, but the tiny cell phone doesn’t have an extreme variety of capabilities.  The watch contraption opens to a circle of numbers to dial.  The phone’s abilities include sms/mms, a 1.3 megapixel camera, media player, and Blue Tooth.  I guess that’s pretty good for a watch phone.  Made… 

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portal shirt

This is the coolest shirt I’ve seen in a while.  You and your friend each wear a shirt.  Look down at your tummy, and you can see what your friend’s shirt sees.  Awesome!  Unfortunately they’re 99.99 at Thinkgeek.  Waaayyy too expensive for my teeny, tiny wallet!    

underwater manta ray

This rather expensive underwater toy called the RC Manta Ray is a sort of manta ray shaped submarine.  The remote control has two triggers, one for each thruster on the vehicle.  The thing I thought was coolest about the Manta Ray was that it can do barrel rolls and complete underwater loops.  That’s pretty impressive…. 

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Hubo Segway Riding Robot

Hubo is the first robot ever to get on a Segway! This Segway riding robot, made in Korea, unfortunately only knows how to go forward and backward on a Segway, but they’re working on the whole turning thing.  Professor Oh Junh-ho is one of the project leaders.    

robot koi carp fish

Hiroshima has developed their fifth robot fish! The robot koi carp (sazan). WHAT CAN A ROBOT KOI DO? This robot koi has fluid tail movement and is remote controlled. This robot carp is the same as a koi carp except that it, the robot, can rotate in place and swim backwards while a koi can’t…. 

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Ducati Desmosedici RC Motorcycle

This Ducati Desmosedici RC motorcycle is in a 1:5 scale with the real thing, so it’s pretty big.  This baby has a driver that shifts his weight into turns, front and rear suspension, and is available in two frequencies.  This Ducati motorcycle even has a throttle rate selector.  Pretty cool.     Ducati Desmosedici RC… 

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These mini dancing monkey toys are cute and sound activated.  Clap your hands, play some music, or scream at your sister, and they’ll start bobbing their heads up and down. They cost $3.30 each from Deal Extreme.  They also have cats and pigs.  Just a reminder, all prices listed on this site are U.S. dollars,… 

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