GameCube Controllers For Wii U: Best Thing At E3

gamecube controllers for wii u

I, along with all of my friends, have been complaining about the Wii U’s lack of GameCube-controller-compatibility.  At this year’s E3, a beautiful thing has been unveiled: GameCube controllers for Wii U!  This confirms that Nintendo has not decided to just ruin the Smash Bros. series with their “innovations” that no one ever seems to… 

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Nitro Buggy RC (In Response to Comment by Rc Buggy)

The title's confusing, right? Anyways, the nitro buggy shown on this previous post has several features including a 1/10 scale body, 4 wheel drive, nitro powered, can be on six different frequencies, has a .16 engine, front and rear bearing differentials, no-flex chassis, disc shaped brake system, 80 cc fuel pressure tank, and impact resistent/high traction… 

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hexbug ant

Huzzah! New Hexbugs! Hexbug Ant and Hexbug Inchworm!

  There’s a new Hexbug in town.  Not the original, not the crab… the Hexbug Ant!   This robot is six cm long and has wheel legs for faster movement.  This little bugger moves ten times faster than any of the other Hexbugs. They also have a front and back sensor so that they can… 

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Estes Viper RC Airplane

RC Jet Plane: Estes Viper

The Estes Viper RC plane works on a revolutionary technology.  The Viper’s remote controller is motion sensing.  So if you tilt it right, the Estes Viper plane goes right.  Tilt it left and the rc jet plane goes left.  Pretty cool, but I don’t know how responsive it is.  I question it because it got… 

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super subbies pool bath toy

Super Subbies Pool Toys

Super Subbies are cute little gadgets that are great pool toys.  Turn them on and they swim around for hours.   They’re pretty fast too.  They go up, down, and turn around. They run on 2 AA batteries.  The small plastic propellers are pretty finger safe – they stop as soon as you touch them…. 

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solar powered Bicycle Desktop Toy

Desktop Toy: The Solar Cyclist

This Solar Cyclist gadget consists of a lamp with a stickman bicycle rider on it (a no-lamp version also available).  This is pretty cool because the cyclist is powered half by electricity, and half by solar power.  When you flip the lamp on, the cyclist starts pedaling.  Pretty awesome office toy, right?   BUY Desktop… 

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Hitman Electronic Attack

This gadget is a little plastic hitman that is motion activated.  When the sensor is triggered, his arm raises and he open fires with his little LED flashing and impossibly loud gun shot sounds going off.  Put this guy in a cabinet and give someone a heart attack (only kidding!).  Lots of Fun.  Only 19.99…. 

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garden gadget

EasyBloom Garden Gadget: A Plant Sensor

Everybody loves a well kept garden.  Whether it’s roses, tomatoes, or man-eating-flytraps, EasyBloom is for you! EasyBloom is a device that resembles a flower, and instructs you on how to care for a type of plant, where it should be planted, and what’s wrong with your plant if it’s dying.  It’s so sophisticated that it… 

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LG Versa Phone

This sweet LG Versa phone, one of the coolest if not the only cool from Verizon, is sort of like the All-Mighty-iPhone except without that super expensive service that makes your wallet cry.  The LG Versa is exactly what its name insinuates.  Versatile.  This phone has a touch screen Qwerty keypad as well as an… 

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Boa Kitchen Scale

This awesome gadget called the Boa Kitchen Scale is a scale that weighs your stuff and doesn’t use power from batteries or an outlet.  Great for use camping, on a boat or in your RV’s kitchen.  How does it work?  When you open the snake-like device, it takes that energy and uses it to weigh… 

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Poll Goodness

Hey… Just to make it easier to judge my design, here's a poll.  Take it! Is This Skateboard Design Cool or Drool? Cool Drool It's Alright free polls

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