Ultimate TRON Watch – Check Out This Article From Walyou!

Walyou is one of my favorite gadget blogs.  This is why I’ve decided to link to their post about the Ultimate TRON Watch.  Despite the fact that the movie, based on what I’ve heard, was sub par, this watch is still really awesome!  Here’s the post on this cool watch.  (Click on the “the post on this cool watch” to go to Walyou’s post, which I am linking to.  Just in case you weren’t bright enough to figure that out.) Ultimate TRON Watch   BUY …

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Please Help Cool Gizmo Toys – Subscribe Today!

I would dearly appreciate it if you would click on the giant orange button below.  C’mon.  You know you want to do it.  Tell you what: let’s use reverse psychology.  Don’t click on the button.  I’m just kidding, I actually want you to click on the button. My tactic has made it so that you don’t know if you’re supposed to click on the button.  It’s forbidden fruit.  Just click on it.  The bottom line is, you’d really help me out if …

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brookstone-Moshi Voice Control Clock

Finally A Polite Alarm Clock – The Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock

Moshi Voice Control Clock: Japanese Clocks Rule! A new Moshi clock is out!  The Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock responds to your voice, and even has good manners!  It displays the time, temperature, and has replaced the snooze button with voice recognition!  Basically, instead of you hitting the snooze button, just scream “Shut Up!” at it and the alarm will stop beeping.  Huzzah!  (Renaissance music plays in the background.)   Children Could Learn A Thing Or Two About Manners From This Clock The …

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tomy nohon zoku solar powered bobbleheads-320pi

Top 4 Solar Powered Gadgets

1. Tomy Nohon Zoku Solar-Powered Bobble Head The Tomy Nohon Zoku Solar-Powered Bobbleheads come in tons of different colors and characters!  They’re extremely cute and are a great addition to any desk in need of a cool solar powered gadget.  Only $20!     BUY Solar Bobble Head Toys 2. Automower Solar Powered Lawnmower   The Automower Solar Powered Lawnmower provides three major benefits: you save money on gas, you help the environment, and you get to be lazy!  The Automower Solar Powered …

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TenQ P07 Ubuntu-Netbook-Edition-Tablet

Tenq P07 Ubuntu Tablet

Ubuntu: New Gadget Equals Very Little Information As the name implies, the Tenq P07 runs on the Ubuntu operating system.  Hooray for Chinese technology!  Sources say that this tablet runs on a 1.6GHz processor and has 2GB of RAM.  The Tenq P07 also has 32GB of memory.  This is a fairly exciting tablet, though there’s not a ton of information on it, and it is one of the newest gadgets out there.     The first whiff of information on this tablet came from Giz-China. …

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iTorq iPod Nano Wristband

Trick Someone Into Thinking You Are Wearing A Watch – Nano Wristband

Deception Is Key.  Not Really. If you’re like me, you love to try and trick someone.  And, if you have one of those new touchscreen iPod Nano’s, you probably need somewhere to put it. Somewhere where it will look snazzy and still be practical.  Well you can stop thinking!  (I can already see the steam coming out of some hollow heads.) Can I Really Trick Someone? The iTorq Nano Wristband has provided a solution!  It’s basically a spiffy aluminum wristband, leather wristbands …

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Cowon D3 Plenue Portable Media Player

Cowon D3 Plenue – First Real iPod Competitor? The Cowon D3 Plenue is, basically, the first competent iPhone and iPod adversary (portable media player).  It has a 3.7 inch touchscreen and will run on the Android 2.1 Operating System.  It will not have 3G connectivity, only Wifi and Bluetooth.  This isn’t a major disappointment though, given the fact that there are so many Wifi spots available these days. Portable Media Player Where Can You Get It? This cool media player isn’t going to be …

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Samsung DualView Camera – Best Way To Take A Self-Portrait Picture

DualView Camera: Good Thing Only Half Of Your Face Showed Up Have you ever tried to take pictures of yourself and soon realized that nearly half of your face was cut out of the picture?  That’s okay, because your face is probably ugly.  (You guys know I’m just joking with most of you.)  It’s also okay because Samsung has recognized your poor picture taking skills and has created the Samsung DualView Camera!  A bonafide cool gizmo! LCD Screen on Both Sides = Dual …

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