Clean Toothbrush Zapi

Perfect Teeth Start With A Clean Toothbrush

Do You Want Perfect Teeth? Hey, we all cringe a bit with the thought of germs crawling on our toothbrush.  But, it seems like everyone is obsessed with having perfect teeth. We shell out thousands of dollars for tooth whitening strips, custom whitening trays, teeth cleaning gadgets, and years of orthodontics!  If your goal is… 

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The laser keyboard projector is a device that projects a virtual keyboard of light onto your desk, and you can type away.  Has Bluetooth capability.  150 dollars.

This awesome video watch allows you to watch videos on your watch?  Who woulda thought thats what a video watch did?!  My work here is done.  By the way, the video watch has 2GB memory.

Powerwing Razor Scooter

The Powerwing Razor Scooter is an awesome scooter that’s powered by the side to side movement of your body.  Good for sweet tricks.     Powerwing Razor Scooter  

bluetoogh bracelet phone

This sweet bracelet is a bluetooth device that connects to your phone.  The bluetooth bracelet vibrates and flashes if you get a call.   BUY Bluetooth Bracelet at eBay  

8 bit tie geeks

This sweet pixel tie looks like it popped out of a retro mario game.  And it’s a clip on! oh boy oh boy oh boy!   Did I mention that you can buy this geeky necktie at eBay?  Score!  

Synaptics Onyx Phone

The Synaptics Onyx phone is a touch screen phone that can tell whether one or two fingers are being used, whether your cheek is touching the screen or your hand, all your phone needs, and an on screen volume wheel.  I’m trying to be enthusiastic, but this phone didn’t really excite me that much.  I… 

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Headphonies are cute little figures that work as portable speakers. Just plug ’em in and they’re ready to go.  

MoBi Headphonies

MoBi Headphonies are cute little figures that work as portable speakers. Just plug ’em in and Headphonies are ready to go!  Available in 7+ different models including:  Koko, Stargirl, Inked, Softy, Skully, Sinister, and Purist.  Get the latest MOBI Headphonies from their website.     BUY MoBI Headphones at eBay!  

This cool action figure robot looks like a robot, but it really isn't.  The only thing it does is stand there and look cool.  Just admire it.

I just recently got an iPhone for my birthday, and i'm impressed.  The touch screen is very tactile, and the apps i bought from the app store work great.  I have 0 complaints.  This phone is amazing, but very expensive… My wallet is still being nursed back to health from its recent brain trauma.

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