GameCube Controllers For Wii U: Best Thing At E3

gamecube controllers for wii u

I, along with all of my friends, have been complaining about the Wii U’s lack of GameCube-controller-compatibility.  At this year’s E3, a beautiful thing has been unveiled: GameCube controllers for Wii U!  This confirms that Nintendo has not decided to just ruin the Smash Bros. series with their “innovations” that no one ever seems to… 

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Star Trek Tribbles

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles – Fur Balls with Personality

  The Star Trek Interactive Tribbles are little balls of fur that purr and make other various sounds when you hold them or pet them.  They also shake if disturbed. Star Trek Interactive Tribbles More from the Star Trek Interactive Tribbles Creator, ThinkGeek: Features Cute furry robotic creatures that shake and quail when disturbed Two… 

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Iwako Japanese Erasers

Collectible Iwako Japanese Erasers

  The Iwako Japanese erasers are a collection of cute figurines that are also erasers. You can also take them apart and mix them up and put them back together to make cool combos. Did you know that there are over 600, yes 600, different Iwako Japanese Erasers? Hamsters, pandas, sharks, frogs, penguins . …. 

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Apple iPhone App reviews: Typepad App

The Typepad app allows bloggers like me who use TypePad to blog like me to blog on the go. And it's free! Five stars More iPhone App Reviews to come . . .  

dark blade RC helicopter

Dark Blade Three Channel RC Helicopter

The Dark Blade RC helicopter is the smallest rc helicopter to have three channel control.  Dark Blade copter has a dual rotor design for good control, and is thirty dollars.

Robo Q Mini Robot

The Robo Q mini robot is a robot that stands 3 cm tall and is autonomous as well as remote controlled.  The Robo-Q can chase a soccer ball, or avoid objects.  40 dollars.  Unless you go to  they have a sweet price- 22.90.

Track Following Tank

This track following tank is awesome.  Just draw any black line, and the tank will follow it. It's officially marketed as the Draw-Your-Track Marker Pen Following Inductive Tank Tech Toy. Way cool!

Apple iPhone App Reviews: Bowman

Bowman is an iphone app where you are a stick figure archer, and you drag your arrow back at varying angles and powers to try to hit the other bowman.  The Bowman app game is fun for a little bit, but gets boring.  There is a bird hunting mode, and that's pretty cool.  The recent… 

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Mini Plant Cactus Phone Charm

The mini cactus is a little plant cactus that you can dangle from your phone!  You dont need to do anything, because it sits in nutrient filled goo.  YAY for cactus phone charms!

Apple iPhone App Review: Pocket God

POCKET GOD IS AWESOME!  Pocket God for Apple iPhone, iPad, or iTouch is only 99 cents, and allows you to help your islanders, or destroy them.  The new update allows you to name them and keep stats.  You can flick em, burn em, squash em, feed em, feed em to a shark, strike em with… 

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MicroMites RC Car

MicroMites RC Cars

The MicroMites are mini rc cars that actually run for more than 10 seconds on a charge!  Charge them for 45 seconds and they go for eight minutes! Micromites RC cars give you 8 minutes of uninterrupted fun.  YES!     BUY MicroMites Mini RC Cars

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