SimpleHuman Sensor Can – Trash Has Never Been So High Tech

SimpleHuman Sensor Can The world is, arguably, getting lazier every day.  Well nobody cares.  Do you know why?  Nobody cares about how lazy people are because laziness brings more gadgets and gadgets bring happiness.  Thus, laziness brings happiness.  (At least to me.)  The Sensor Can is for all of you who are too lazy to push your foot down on a button!  SimpleHuman has refined this gadget so that there are no annoying quirks and even added a feature that eliminates your …

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apple iscroll concept

The Apple iScroll Concept By Maximum Tech

Apple iScroll Concept – Assuming Ends Badly In Most Cases I assume that many of you have read, or at least heard of, the Maximum Tech magazine.  Well, this super cool magazine came up with a great concept – the Apple iScroll.  (Specifically, the article is written by Paul Curthoys.)  If you haven’t read the article, basically Maximum Tech is predicting that Apple will develop something called an Apple iScroll.  The article states that it resembles a “tall, skinny iPhone.” But the …

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bomba alarm clock

The Bomba Alarm Clock – Strangely Named But Awesome

Slang + Explosive Device = Bomba Alarm Clock I’m not sure what’s up with the name of this cool clock.  This gadget does kind of look like a bomb, but what’s with the added “a”?  They were trying to be “hip.”  Well… they succeeded.  The Bomba Alarm Clock is pretty intense – it’s basically an alarm clock stripped of all excess plastic, etc.  You can see the inner workings of the clock and it actually shows you the moving gears!  (Which are …

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semi truck and helicopter combo

Remote Control Semi Truck And Helicopter Combo

The Perfect Way To Stage Intense Action Scenes What’s almost as cool, and serves the same function, as a remote control flying car?  The Remote Control Semi Truck And Helicopter Combo!  It’s a Semi Truck and a Helicopter… Put together.  (HA!  You thought I was going to say “combined.”  Well you would have been wrong anyway because I’m typing, not saying.)   Remote Control Semi Truck and Helicopter Combo Features This cool toy has two vehicles but only one remote.  The remote …

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Roomba Schmoomba – Now There’s The Mint Cleaner By Evolution Robotics

Everyone has heard of the Roomba.  Roomba schmoomba. Now that Evolution Robotics has created the Mint Floor Cleaner, the Roomba is in danger of becoming obsolete, in my humble opinion.     Mint Cleaner by Evolution Robotics – Edge Cutting Features The Mint Cleaner gadget has so many cool features that it’s more than worth the $200 that it costs. This awesome robotic cleaner has an internal GPS system that maps out where it has cleaned and where it hasn’t.  This way, …

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Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan – Severed Fingers Are Now Obsolete

Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan: The First Overachieving Fan The Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan is one of the greatest gadgets I’ve seen in a long time!  This cool gadget blows a steady flow of air without using any blades!  This awesome fan serves many purposes.  Because there are no blades, small children and irresponsible adults cannot cut their fingers on them. This Isn’t Your Mother’s Fan! This awesome gadget is also super easy to clean – no more taking fans apart …

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Zoku Quick Pop Maker – Freeze And Put Both Your Popsicles Up!

Zoku Quick Pop Maker – Because Three To Four Hours Can Be A Real Bummer I remember making homemade popsicles as a small boy.  It was great fun with friends!  Basically, we mixed together the ingredients and poured them into the molds, which took about ten minutes.  Then we sat around for three and a half hours waiting for our popsicles to freeze.  Some of my friends died from dehydration back in those days.  It was so hot… and we didn’t have …

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RC Cyborg Shark – Pool Toy

RC Cyborg Shark – You Decide I have to say, I’m finding it difficult to make a “yay” or “nay” verdict on the RC Cyborg Shark.  This cool toy has a really great design, but some of the Amazon reviews are a little… lets just say… iffy.  So, take the time to read the reviews and then make your own decision.  If this toy doesn’t float your boat, haha it’s funny because it’s a pool toy, you could always get yourself a Subbies pool …

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