Clean Toothbrush Zapi

Perfect Teeth Start With A Clean Toothbrush

Do You Want Perfect Teeth? Hey, we all cringe a bit with the thought of germs crawling on our toothbrush.  But, it seems like everyone is obsessed with having perfect teeth. We shell out thousands of dollars for tooth whitening strips, custom whitening trays, teeth cleaning gadgets, and years of orthodontics!  If your goal is… 

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Sorry, but there is no black onyx 02 cocoon.  Only white.  The one shown in the post is actually a Samsung. Jman

shock ball hot potato game

Shock Ball . . . think of it this way . . . Hot potato, hot potato, hot potato, hot potato, hot potato, hot potato, hotter potato, very hot potato, holy cow chips it shocked me!  That’s right! The shock ball emits such a strong shock that you can’t use it if you’re under fourteen…. 

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shower shock caffeinated soap

Shower Shock?  I didn’t even know this stuff existed.  Caffeine soap.  That’s right!  Use Shower Shock, and you will absorb the caffeine through your pores.  I guess it’s pretty cool. $6.99 a bar at

Desktop Laserpod Lamp

The Laserpod is a tube that projects pretty designs onto the ceiling and walls.  This desktop Laserpod is promoted the newest version of the lava lamp.  Cool motion lamp!  That’s about it.   BUY Desktop Laserpod  

blue neon powerball gyroscope

This mini yet powerful gyroscope can reach up to 13,000 rpm.  And the Powerball Gyroscope glows blue!  The Blue Neon Gyroscope also has a mini lcd display screen that tells you how fast the gyroscope is going (an rpm counter), and it saves your high score.   Get yours at eBay  

rc doodle bug

The RC Color Bug is a ladybug that you can put markers in for remote-controlled doodling.  Just use the remote to drive the RC Doodle Bug across the paper and make pretty ladybug drawings of your choice. The Doodling set includes four “washable” markers and is recommended for kids ages 5+.  Don’t forget the batteries… 

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The Falling Balls app for Apple iPhone is awesome because it is free, and because it consists of a little stick man that runs whichever way you tilt your iphone/itouch.  You have to make the stick guy run so he doesn't get crushed by giant balls that fall from the sky.  If he gets hit,… 

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The water powered clock runs off of any liquid, but if you use water you can grow flowers in your clock.  So, the water powered clock is actually a clock with a vase for flowers attached to its back.  No more searching for batteries.  AMAAZING!!

8 gig storage spy watch

This classy Spy Watch has a built in video and audio recorder so you can take videos and audio with your watch! 99.99  Where do aspiring 007 spies buy their Spy Watches?  Keep reading  to find out. Want a kids’ spy watch instead?  Try the Spy Net available at eBay!   If you like this… 

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The Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game consists of four detachable cubes that you have to arrange in a certain order to complete a pattern or word.  Put the blocks in a straight line and it will give you a scrambled word.  Put them together to form a square, and you will have to build the pattern/picture…. 

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