air hogs pocket copter

Remote Control PocketCopter By Air Hogs – The Smallest RC Helicopter In The World!

This tiny RC Helicopter is pretty cool, and it’s only 3.5″ long!  The biggest changes that Air Hogs has made to the RC Pocket Copter are the size and the charger.  As you can see, this helicopter is very, very small.  As you probably cannot see, the charger is no longer located in the controller, but is now embedded into a very handy carrying case that they have created. Air Hogs   Old Men Make Funny Sounds The box that the RC PocketCopter …

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ECO Sound V268 Wireless Bluetooth Headset: Product Review

Placating The Government And The Judicial Body Is Fun! Just recently, my friends at Wireless Ground gave me the opportunity to review a V268 ECO Sound Engineering Bluetooth Headset.  In other words, they sent me one of these devices so that I could try it out myself and write a review that reflects my honest opinion of the product, which I believe I have done.  (Now that the FTC isn’t going to go gung-ho on my front door, let’s get to the …

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kreo Bumblebee Transformers

Kre-O Blocks By Hasbro Bring Transformers to Children Everywhere

Hasbro Is Puttin’ It To The Man.  Yeah. Hasbro has decided to challenge Lego’s authority by creating Kre-O, something very similar to the premise of Legos.  These cool blocks are very similar to lego building pieces, in fact I believe that they can be used together, but there is one key difference.  Instead of small yellow men with rectangular bodies and cylindrical heads, Kre-O has decided that the Transformers series is what they are going to be known for – at first. …

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remote control tarantula

Remote Control Tarantula: Prank Your Friends!

RC Toys: Hairy Tarantulas Crawling On Peoples’ Faces Tarantulas scare the HimmineeJimminees out of many people!  (What on earth is a HimmineeJimminee?)  This is one of the things that is so great about this remote control gadget.  The tarantula is surprisingly realistic and even feels hairy.  Its lifelike appearance will add to the scare factor when someone wakes up with this thing crawling on their face. Oh, and did I mention that the spider has light up eyes? Remote Control Tarantula This …

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BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Earpiece: Tech Review

Tap Dancing Rat Skeletons Are, Believe It Or Not, Relevant BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Headset is a pretty cool way to talk on the phone without using your hands.  To be quite honest, I think talking on your phone by holding your phone to your ear looks much cooler, but sometimes it’s just not convenient.  For example, bluetooth pieces are extremely useful when you happen to be driving, fighting crime, wooing ladies, or feeding your cat.  (Not that you would have a cat. …

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Top 5 Gadgets To Help You Save Your Money

Check out this list of Top 5 Gadgets to Help you Save Your Money. How many times can a person lift their mattress just to put a few bucks under it?  Gets pretty old, right? We all say “I want to save my money,” but it’s just not quite as fun to save as it is to spend. Well, not until today!  You’ll won’t have to say, “saving my money is boring” ever again! Save Your Money 1. The Money Maze Bank Toy …

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modded xbox 360 controller

Xbox 360 Chrome Blue Wireless Lighted Controller With Rapid Fire

Xbox 360 Chrome Blue Wireless Lighted Controller The Xbox 360 Chrome Blue Wireless Lighted Controller With Rapid Fire is AWESOME!  This cool Xbox 360 controller has been modded to increase both performance and style.  (Microsoft’s controllers are just plain ugly, in comparison.  By that I mean that they are very plain, which makes them kind of ugly.  And what’s with that unattractive green LED color?  Ughhh…. (shudder.)) Please – Don’t Feed The Dark Creatures This cool controller looks extremely cool, but is …

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plastic kids utensils

Fred and Friends – Snack & Stack Lego Utensils

Fred and Friends: Snack & Stack Lego Utensils Instead Of Playing With Food, Your Child Will Play With Knives – What?! Parents hate when their kids play with their food.  It’s messy and just plain irritating.  With the Fred and Friends Snack and Stack Utensils, your kids will never play with their food again!  Instead, they will play with their utensils.  (Forks, spoons, and knives.  Knives?!)  So now instead of splattering potatoes on your face, that cute little terror will have tons …

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