comic book competition

5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Print Express Comic Book Competition

  UPDATE: Extended to first week of September 2012 Do you see yourself as the next Hergé or Stan Lee? Do you spend hours locked away penning new comic storylines and devising superheros, heroines, damsels in distress and other unique characters? If you are now screaming, ‘This is me!’ then the new competition from Print Express could be for you. All you need to do is send off your comic in PDF form and if you win, you will receive five professionally …

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comic-con 2012 cosplay

The Ten Greatest Comic-Con 2012 Cosplays

Comic-Con is over, and some of you may have already forgotten about it.  A portion of you are saying, “YES FINALLY A COMIC-CON LIST,” and the other portion of you are saying, “IF I SEE ANOTHER POST ABOUT COMIC-CON I’M GONNA THROW UP ON YOUR VEGGIES.”  Why did I wait so long to put this post together?  I’m lazy I wanted to be sure that all of the cosplay photos from Comic-Con had been uploaded so that I could make the best …

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pikachu watch

10 Adorable Pikachu Watches To Make You Smile

Since the creation of Pokemon back in 1996, boys, girls, men, and women have been in love with Pikachu: the little chubby yellow pocket monster that holds incredible electrical power!  Pikachu clothes, toys, and accessories aren’t too difficult to come by, but here we have compiled a list of 10 adorable Pikachu themed watches. 1.  Pink Leather Strap Pikachu Watch     This watch is for the girl or lady that loves a feminine look while she’s displaying her love for the …

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weird gecko facts

6 Weird Gecko Facts You Never Needed To Know

Geckos are one of the only green things on earth that crawls on ceilings and eats insects, the other being your mom’s version of meatloaf.  (Forget manners – I don’t want to die.)  You probably know a couple of things about geckos, but these six weird gecko facts are probably new to you, and they’re utterly pointless.  There’s really no reason for you to read this, but there was also no reason for you to stay up all night watching the royal …

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Geek Jewelry Nyan Necklace

10 Coolest Pieces of Geeky Jewelry in the World

Sometimes being a geek to the core just isn’t enough. Some days we have to show the world just how geeky we really are. Geeky jewelry is a wonderful sort of self expression. It can help a person illustrate just how they want the rest of the world to perceive them, be that as elegant, spunky, bold, colorful, or, in this case, geeky. Here are ten geektastic pieces of jewelry for your personal enjoyment.   1. Sterling Silver @ Sign Pendant   …

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10 Brilliant Pieces of Gummy Bear Art

Gummy bears are good for eating, bad for you, and mildly attractive to intoxicated individuals.  (What?)  The point is that we’re not using gummy bears to their full potential.  Hence, gummy bear art! Sure, we could just eat them, but why not use them as friends?  As coworkers?  As role models for society?  These ten brilliant pieces of gummy bear art have taken the average American shopper average gummy bear and turned it into something worth looking at!  (No, nobody has turned …

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6 Geeky Pizzas You Won’t Find At Your Local Grocery Store

Pizza is generally something that isn’t that difficult to come by.  There’s always a Pizza the Hut or a set of Domino’s somewhere around, and the delivery is usually pretty quick.  (Unless you tell them to draw a dinosaur on the box in the special request section of an online order.)  These six geeky pizzas, however, are homemade. Geeky Pizzas You won’t be able to buy them from Costco and stick them in the microwave, because nothing from Costco is small enough …

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rainbow generator

10 DeviantArt Delights [Week #2]

DeviantArt is one of the greatest places to find some upcoming artists and their awesome works of geeky art, and that’s why we have the 10 DeviantArt Delights series of posts.  This week we have another killer set of art, and I think you’ll like what you find.  You’ll also like what you find under my shirt, but that’s off limits for right now.  At least until I take a shower/ use duct tape to wax it. 1.  How To Train Your …

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