Geek Clock Gives Time An Aspect Of Exclusivity: Product Review

geek clock

  Geek Clock The Geek Clock makes it so that only your closest, most intelligent friends will be able to tell the time.  Before the Geek Clock came along, everyone who stepped into your house had the leisure of looking at your clocks and being able to tell the time, and most of them also… 

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Medieval Weapon Pushpins Geeky Product Review

medieval weapon pushpins

Medieval Weapon Pushpins The Medieval Weapon Pushpins are a unique way to pin up notes and memos, and were sent to me by the wonderfully charming LIVINGroyal! Ah, so we find ourselves again wandering through the streets of the fifteen hundreds, surrounded by dead cows and the knights of the round table, who are busy… 

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79Ci Shredder By #FellowesInc Makes Shredding Papers A High Tech Affair

79Ci Shredder Fellowes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine. The disclosure tag above, my readers, just let’s you know that I am receiving compensation for this post: keep in mind that I will never try to con you into buying something that I do not think is… 

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5 Desktop Office Toys That Will Make Your Workplace Less Stressful

desktop office toy

You go to work every day and sit in that same small space – that gray jail cell that we like to call “the cubicle.” With these 5 desktop office toys you’ll be able to make work a happier place for yourself and those who get paid to deal with you. Honestly, nobody likes to… 

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Air Strike Catapult Office Toy Launches Foam Balls To Spite Your Enemies

Air Strike Catapult

  The Air Strike Catapult Office Toy brings us back to the good old days – back when valiant men didn’t need to struggle to fit their pants on their bodies.  Back when you could win the love of a beautiful woman by slaying a lizard, back when there weren’t such stringent weapon laws.  Back to… 

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Finger Hockey Desktop Office Game

finger hockey desktop office game

  The Finger Hockey Desktop Office Game is a great way to collectively waste time with your colleagues!  Which, obviously, is a much better idea than wasting time without your colleagues, because they can’t fire everyone in the office!  In fact, get a tournament going – maybe the boss will join in and you can… 

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