Heart Knife: Went Straight Through My Heart

heart knife

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and all of the moms are going to need to be doing some cooking in order to placate their husbands.  (Much like a mother bird feeds its children a worm from her throat – the husband and baby bird are both helpless.  Also, sometimes the food tastes like worms…. 

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MunchStache Cookie Cutters Shape Your Cookies Like Facial Hair

munchstache cookie cutters

MunchStache cookie cutters are great for any baker who appreciates a hefty tuft of good old fashioned facial hair.  These geeky cookie cutters prove that people love mustaches, and that they are in.  “In what?  In where?”  My mouth, because I made mustache shaped cookies with my new set of MunchStache cookie cutters.  Guess how much… 

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Fred and Friends – Snack & Stack Lego Utensils

plastic kids utensils

Fred and Friends: Snack & Stack Lego Utensils Instead Of Playing With Food, Your Child Will Play With Knives – What?! Parents hate when their kids play with their food.  It’s messy and just plain irritating.  With the Fred and Friends Snack and Stack Utensils, your kids will never play with their food again!  Instead,… 

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Boa Kitchen Scale


This awesome gadget called the Boa Kitchen Scale is a scale that weighs your stuff and doesn’t use power from batteries or an outlet.  Great for use camping, on a boat or in your RV’s kitchen.  How does it work?  When you open the snake-like device, it takes that energy and uses it to weigh… 

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