The Ten Best Defense Cards Rage of Bahamut Has To Offer

best defense cards rage of bahamut

Check out our post on how to get holy powder in Rage of Bahamut and make 30 HP easily or take a look at these ten tips for all R.O.B. players. Want to build a stellar defense deck without having to dip into your wallet?  These are the ten best defense cards Rage of Bahamut… 

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Which New Angry Birds Space Bird Are You?

which angry birds space bird are you?

  Angry Birds Space is the newest version of the addicting original, which undoubtedly ruined countless lives and relationships. When it comes to personal identity, one of the things that should be in the forefront of your mind is when you’re going to cancel your credit card, since I stole it from your desk and… 

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Live in the Movies with ‘Augmented Reality Cinema’ App


Augmented Reality Cinema, a new app coming soon to your iPhone, allows the user to stroll the streets of their city and view various, popular scenes from their favorite movies shot in their exact location. While still in a concepting and development stage, the video shown at the bottom of this post showcases how the app… 

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Tiny Wings: iPhone App Review

Atypical Case #2753 – Tiny Wings Tiny Wings is one of the best iPhone Apps that I’ve come into contact with in a long time.  Oftentimes I will pay $.99 for an app, play it twice, and then delete it from my iPhone.  This was definitely not the case with Tiny Wings.  I assure you… 

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Apple iPhone App Review: Falling Balls

The Falling Balls app for Apple iPhone is awesome because it is free, and because it consists of a little stick man that runs whichever way you tilt your iphone/itouch.  You have to make the stick guy run so he doesn't get crushed by giant balls that fall from the sky.  If he gets hit,… 

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Apple iPhone App Reviews: Bowman

Bowman is an iphone app where you are a stick figure archer, and you drag your arrow back at varying angles and powers to try to hit the other bowman.  The Bowman app game is fun for a little bit, but gets boring.  There is a bird hunting mode, and that's pretty cool.  The recent… 

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Apple iPhone App Review: Pocket God

POCKET GOD IS AWESOME!  Pocket God for Apple iPhone, iPad, or iTouch is only 99 cents, and allows you to help your islanders, or destroy them.  The new update allows you to name them and keep stats.  You can flick em, burn em, squash em, feed em, feed em to a shark, strike em with… 

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