ooShirts Prints Custom T-Shirts With a Hint of Awesome


Custom t-shirts are an awesome way to advertise your business, give somebody a personalized holiday gift, or just create an awesome design!  ooShirts prints quality t-shirts, tanks, and more at quality prices and with quality materials.     I was given the chance to order a few t-shirts customized with the CGT logo for free,… 

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New Adventure Time Plushes Available At ThinkGeek!

adventure time plush

  We’ve seen some Adventure Time plushes with Finn and Jake, but now’s the chance of us hardcore Adventure Time fans to really get down to business in terms of expressing our love for the show. Never before have we been able to get official Lumpy Space Princess plushes from ThinkGeek – now that they’re there,… 

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‘Knits for Nerds’ by Joan of Dark: book review

star wars knitting crafts

Crafty geeks, rejoice! There is a special corner of Geeky Heaven reserved for nerds who are also knitters. And ‘Knits for Nerds’ by Toni Carr, or “Joan of Dark,” is its bible.   With 30 original patterns from Toni Carr and other designers covering fandoms from Star Wars to Harry Potter, this book is a… 

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Baby Hjolster Makes Carrying Your Baby More Manly, Less Safe

baby hjolster

  Take a look at the Baby Hjolster, which actually isn’t Baby Holster misspelled because I got Dorito dust in my computer keys.  Those of you who have created a monster (a.k.a have a child) know all about the Baby Bjorn, that thing that’s basically a backpack that you can safely put your child in…. 

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15 Geeky Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Give Gratitude to Geeky Genes


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you’ve yet to actually purchase your dad a gift. To help get you kick-started, and maybe give you a few Geeky Father’s Day Gift Ideas along the way, here are fifteen ideas to get you started.   Geeky Father’s Day Gift Ideas If… 

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Wood Paneling Cupcake Wrappers : Knock on Wood

wood paneling cupcake wrapper liner

Have you ever baked yourself a cupcake but felt like there was something missing? Ever noticed the lack of rustic, outdoorsiness in your cupcake devouring experiences? Well then say no more!     These wood paneled cupcake wrappers are the brainchild of Renelle Musielak-Legos over on etsy.com. The faux-wood wrappers are easily assemblable to cover… 

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The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide

wildlife of star wars: a field guide

It’s no big secret that the wildlife of Star Wars is kind of terrifying. Alien crime lords, a couple of Sith running the galaxy, no apparent career options for women beyond stripper, princess, or stripper princess, technology that can blow up a planet . . . and countless wild and dangerous creatures. Is there life beyond Earth? In the… 

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